RON Platforms/Is it Worth It?

Any tips on starting RON? What is the best platform to use. I just recently requested certification in Oklahoma

I recently started up again in North Carolina after covid shut me down in Florida. I was told by the Sec of State, here in NC that they were not even sure if they were going to continue RON after Dec 31, 2021 and I have heard nothing yet. The Notary puts up a lot of their own money to set this up and I have not even received any requests - we need special laptops, cameras and software that has a monthly fee and personally I feel that there is too much chance of fraud for me, but if you want to – Good Luck! Oklahoma might be different.

Thank you for your insight! I have actually had some request, which is one reason i decided to get approved by the state. It looks like Oklahoma is in for the long haul in regards to RON so we shall see:)