RON Process

I have started my process doing RON I am seeking a Pennsylvania notary to maybe answer some questions who has experience with completing the set-up the RON process I already have my digital signature and electronic seal. Thank you in advance.

I’m from Vermont. Pennsylvania and Vermont have both passed the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA). It helps when dealing with RON to write precisely.

The phrase “digital signature” does not appear in the law. What does appear is this definition:

“Electronic signature” means an electronic symbol, sound, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by an individual with the intent to sign the record.

So what is often called a digital signature in the industry is called an electronic signature in the laws of Vermont, Pennsylvania, and a number of other states. The signature is part of the document (which RULONA likes to call a record) . Assuming you haven’t performed any RONs yet, you don’t have a digital or electronic signature, because each digital or electronic is inside of, or connected to, a document, and you haven’t electronically notarized any documents yet.

What you most likely have is called in the industry a digital signing certificate. It’s issued by something called a certificate authority to show the world that they have checked you out, and that any document associated with your public key was signed by you. Each RON platform decides which certificate authorities, and digital signing certificates, they’ll accept. Some even provide you with one, so the one you purchased might be unnecessary.

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Correction you are write I have a digital certificate. My question is what aret next steps have you performed any RONs if so I have questions.

In Vermont the law has been changed to allow RON but the rules to do it haven’t been written yet, so I can’t do it yet.

I wish I could help ya I am in Florida and have had my RON cert since 2021. I have done zero with it. But today I started the training sessions with Notarize platform

6 hours total … I love the Easylink feature for my website Which I can add after I pass their onboarding …. coming soon. I can offer little advice if you have General questions. Good luck


I would suggest contacting any title companies or signing services you are currently working for as to the possibility of doing online closings for them. If you are going the general notary route, you will have a difficult time making money without bringing your own clients to the platforms.


I’m in Washington State. I’ve done a couple hundred RON signings. If you are looking for help getting started with RON, I might be able to help. I can’t do much for you with state specific, but I can and will help with industry specific.


I have my RON. I haven’t used it yet. As a RON we can notarize states other than our own right?


(CA) If I were you, I’d contact the Secretary of State (or equivalent) in your state for the answer to your question. Even you get the correct answer on this forum, it is not a “legally definitive” answer. Better safe than sorry.

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In Louisiana, documents notarized via RON are only valid if performed by a Louisiana notary. Not sure about other states.

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These different state laws and mandates concerning RON are keeping me far from it.
It’s all too complicated for me right now. I’m in Michigan

Yes thank you I do have a few general questions if we can schedule a chat or video call please let me know. Hopefully my questions will not be too PA specific.

Thank you for your willingness to help. I’m wondering which RON platform you are using.

Thats part of my issue picking a platform I would love to go with one in that provide work as well so I can get some experience.

@AlfriendNotaryandServices My understanding is does that - pays the platform fees, trains and provides assignments…BUT…I think you have to sit at your 'puter and wait to be chosen…sort of like a call center.

Don’t know how a lot of it works as I won’t get into RON where I am so I’m sure someone here in the know can clarify. However, if you search here (magnifying glass on top bar to the right near your avatar/pic) using keywords “RON” or “Remote” or “RON companies” you may get your answer.

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Thank you so much for your help will try the search option, I know I inquired with a couple and they were not operating in PA yet but I will do my research.

Sorry for the delay - yes, you can email me if you wish. My address is in my NC profile

Well, I’m certified in Pavaso and Nexsys for lender RONs.

For general notary work, I use Notarize and SignX.

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Notarize and SignX both have great training modules. SignX is cheaper on a transaction basis.

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Thank you for your willingness to share your experience. I paid for all the RON two years ago and never got one job in Arizona. Now it is finally starting to move along but I hesitate because I put all the money out before and never got anywhere. Again, thank you for sharing.

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