RON Remote Online Notary

If anyone has experience with RON, what platforms do you like and why? Also, can one sign up with multiple platforms? Ex: a platform that provides the signers and a platform that does not. Thank you!

I’m a RON and I have the Blue Notary Pro-Hybrid plan. I’m able to bring my own clients and it’s only a $3 fee to use their platform so I keep a larger percentage. I’m also a fan of eNotary Online, their platform is user friendly.

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Thank you, Andrea! Are that many lenders using Ron at this point??

I use SignIx and like its user-friendliness. I do not pay for it, thankfully; my title company client pays their fee. I bring my own signers. I just got signed up with Notarize and it was $77 to start. They offer signings and you can bring your own. I haven’t yet completed their vetting process so I have no experience yet.

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Thank you for that information! What state are you in?

You’re welcome. I live and am commissioned in Ohio.

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