RON storage AZ Notary

AZ is starting RON closings. Under AZ R2-12-1308 a notary is required to store and maintain the audio/video file and Electronic Journal for 5 years protected using encryption and/or password protected.

Does anyone know the size (gegabyte, megabyte, and/or terabyte size) of a RON closing?

I am looking to purchase an external hard drive to download the files, and am unsure as to what size to purchase.

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Not a clue…nor do I understand RON much, if at all, but, I thought that the ‘storage’ had to be accessible by anyone who has the digital key/code/password/whatever for future verification purposes. Which, I believe, is why these RON notarizations must be stored in the cloud so they can be accessed 24/7/365, if needed. (Which is also why it’s an expensive way to go). If you are storing this on an external hard drive…how is 24/7/365 access available to those who need it?

RON is “Remote Online Notarization” where you use a digital certificate to notarize. However, in answer to 24/7/365 - your Journal and recording is not of public record and can only be accessed by a subpoena and must be kept confidential and protected from access just as your Notary Journal. So the only one who should have access to this information is the Notary Public. AZ requires that the Notary download the Electronic Journal entry and recording session and store for up to five years under encrypted access or protected (passcode) - which means you have to store it until you subpoenaed to produce such evidence of that particular closing. Further, upon death of the Notary the storage of the electronic closing must be provided to the AZ Sec of State for safe keeping until the information expires (five years).

Appreciate the education on this. So much to learn about the process.

FYI for other notaries seeking same information. I talked with Nexsys Support and after reviewing other RON files - he recommended a 1 terabyte external drive which he believes will hold about 4K video/audio files.


Thanks. I’ve become RON certified in AZ so this helps.

I use a 128G memory card. Each closing is different. A one hour signing uses about 300M stored on MP4 video.