RON vs. mobile

How exactly does Ron work? Will you make more during RON signing or being a mobile notary?

Are you a member of Notary Stars? They’re now doing RON training for anyone interested (included in the price of membership) and all their past videos are posted on their website for members.

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It depends on what state you are in. In my state Ron is not even rolled out yet.
I can’t do it yet

I thought about signing up for notary stars. is it good outside of the training ?

Not sure what you mean about outside of the training. For me, it’s for training. The classes can’t be beat. Anyone can join the FB group though. It’s a good resource. The classes are live, 5 days/week + bootcamp class weeks every quarter. Without them, I’d be making tons of errors in loan signings.


The average payment for RON signings is $25.00 - $35.00 per signing, you never going to make a living depending on them…


I looked into RON signings after moving here to Florida and the costs of getting ready for that type of signing seem to outweigh the potential income. Until I get convinced RON is a better financial option than I have concluded I’m sticking with traditional mobile loan signings.


Just like mobile notary signings, it depends on the company. I have been doing RON real estate closings and GNW for 2 years and the range has been $45.00 -$65.00 (depending on the package). Signings usually take 20 - 30 minutes to complete which means you can do 2 signings in an hour so I think it averages out to the same you would get as a mobile notary.

On the plus side, you don’t have to deal with driving, printing, or delivering docs, and the notary journal is electronic. I download the video and journal and off to the next client. Also, depending on the platform, the prep work is minimal. The platform does all of the signature tagging.

As far as training, you NEED to know your state notary laws. RON laws differ some from traditional notary laws so it is important you get good training. If your state offers training please take it. As far as training on how to use the different RON platforms, signing services and title companies train you free of charge (instructor-led and/or videos) on the platforms and some give you the manual, a RON script and it is up to you to train yourself.

This is your business so you have to do your due diligence and get as much training as needed to be successful in the RON and mobile notary space.

I love :two_hearts: being a RON notary and I encourage anyone to add this to their list of services in order to stay competitive. I was a little long-winded :smile: but I hope this helps.


Which RON platform are you using? I’ve looked at a couple and they are either very pricey or take a huge cut of the notary’s fee.
Thank you

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RON has been a very profitable venture for me. I have setup a virtual business model and looking forward to the future opportunities. Just like mobile services, you have to develop RON services too. It’s best not to expect the same volume of business for RON, as compared to mobile services. I recommend to take a long-term projection, before RON will be equal to mobile business volume.

Jerrypb, I have looked into RON here in Arkansas and I agree with you I can not see investing the money to get set up for it when there really is no demand for it. I’m certified here in my state and went as far as to get my e signature. But the platform costs just would not pay for it self. The mobile notary business has slowed down drasticly here. Trying not to make any unnessasery expenses.

Also, it is my understanding as a Notary, the signer must be in your presents before you sign or place your stamp on a document. So for me RON does not make sence.


Which platform are you using? How much do you pay to use it? What if your client uses a different platform that you don’t have an account with? Thanks.

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I am a full-time RON since COVID hit. As a mobile notary for the last 12 years, my business has been significantly cut (less than half) and my challenge has been finding Title companies that will convert to RON. Most are hesitant if they can find a mobile notary so I typically only get those that are out of town (or the country) or have some medical constraint. Those that I had worked with consistently have not been quick to convert. I also do RON closings with Amrock but the volume is waaaay down. I am proficient on Nexsys ClearSign, Notarize and eNotaryLog. All of which are good platforms in their own way.
My hope is that eventually RON will take off as predicted and those of us trained will have an opportunity for more closings. In the meantime, I’m still plugging away marketing to Title companies to offer my services. Anyone know of a list or database of companies that need RON Notaries? Of course the usual response is contact Notarize and sign up on SnapDocs but I’m sure there are far more opportunities that those.

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Title companies indeed are hesitant to switch over to RON. I think I know why…

What have you done to receive GNW? Are there companies other than Amrock and TCX that you do RON closings for? With business slowing down, I need to start trying to get GNW and have been accepting jobs that I usually would not have accepted in previous years.