Rush order request from Angi's Notary

We spend time speaking about the companies that are bad SS and forget to show appreciation to those who do the right thing…

So, I was in between two appointments and received a call from a SS that I have never done business with nor ever heard of. They had an urgent request for a same day… (less than 2 hours) rush request. I did not have to print as the client already had the documents. At first, I was a bit nervous because the pay was… let’s say more than reasonable for the type of order it was and the rush request. My first thought was… okay I’ll take a chance I have time… and if i don’t get paid oh well it’s only 4 miles away so I will count it as charity time.

So, I meet the client… got the docs signed (had to call to verify twice on a document that i was not familiar with) … all went well.

Called the SS let them know it was completed… She answered the phone right away and was very pleasant and showed sincere appreciation for me doing it last minute. She had such a positive attitude I know she must be a notary and understood our struggles.

Well, I did get paid… within 2 weeks by E-check… which is what she stated on her order…which made me happier to say the least.

I normally would not mention the names of the companies… but I will make an exception… It’s Angi’s Notary.

Just as it is important to put on blast the bad SS we also have to give recognition to the good ones who like us are trying to do good business. So for those of you looking for a good company… here you go.

Anyway, Happy Sunday… and that is my 2 cents for the day.