Sale of Land

I received the following text message (see in quotes below), not thru one of the signing companies, but from an individual.

I’m a relatively new notary, less than a year. I’ve received several direct contacts for jobs that are not your straight forward refi.

Has anyone seen something like this before, and does it sound legitimate?

“We are looking for a mobile notary - normally we use these services to complete purchases of real property but in this case we would like to work with you to finalize the sale of a piece of property. It is vacant land in xxxxx, NC. We are not local and we would like for you to meet with the buyer. We will send you a notarized deed, check for your services, check for excise taxes and recording fees, an envelope for the county to send the deed to buyer after recording and an envelope for you to send the buyer’s cashier check to us after the transaction is complete. I recognize that in this case we are not asking you to notarize a document - instead it is to confirm payment and then record the deed after payment has been delivered. Would you have time this week for this job? What is your service fee?”

Seen similar several times. Did it and they worked out just fine.

Agree - just research the company that sent this email - very carefully. Make sure the company is legit.

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