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I have receiving assignments from this company, I like the fact they do pay promptly via electronic check. However some of the file sent is over 200 pages and they do not pay additional for large files and the fee is low. Has anyone else worked for this company?

There is one TC like this, WFG, very large packages, but if you negotiate with them directly, they will pay you extra fee for the large packages. I have been successful doing this. But if you are hired via a SS, not sure if you’d be able to get the extra fee.

My rationale is that if the customer does not want to pay extra for large packages, I don’t have to discount my fee for small packages. I will ask for the full regular fee for all size packages

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I have never heard of this company but over 200 pages you need to negotiate higher than your normal fee. Of course I have no idea what your fee is.

Now jnewberry, how many “small” packages do you actually get? Most refinances are generally 110-165 pages. What is small?

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Sales offer 90.00 for their fee with files 200 or more pages. I feel this is way too low for a total of 400 or more pages ( this includes the borrowers copy). The response has been they understand, but we are getting experience, and lenders do not want to pay additional. I feel I have the experience, since I have been doing this for twelve plus years and lender should stop duplicating the documents in the file since they do not want to pay more. I do not think we need 3 set of the same document in the packet, even the borrowers are complaining.


I would demand at least $125 for 200 pages and I mean as a minimum. It’s ridiculous to expect you to do it for $90. I get email offers from a company that says up front that they are large packages over 200 pages and they want to pay $85. A couple of times I have responded I will do it for $125 or more and they say they will see if they can get it approved and they never do so when I get these emails I just trash them. I told them to take me off the $85 offer list but I keep getting them and I keep trashing them. Plenty of work with other companies that pay better and/or have smaller packages. I agree that these lenders and/or title companies have to reduce the extra garbage duplicate and triplicate forms and ESPECIALLY the stupid Staement of Information form that one company likes to include TWICE.

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I agree, I believe the Statement of Information should be sent directly to the borrower and send back to the lender. That form is time consuming at the closing table, most do not have all of the information, especially where you lived for the past ten years.LOL

My work encompasses orders which are not refinances, such as home equity loans, special document signings and purchases. I consider anything less than 70 pages to be a small package and I don’t think I should have to cut my print fee on these, if I am not compensated extra for a package exceeding 150 pages.

jnewberry - I can understand your point since most of your work is under 70 pages. Those of us that do a lot of refinances can also agree I think that most of the packages are too big with a lot of duplicates, triplicates, multiple CDs, ALTAs, Mortgages, etc The total disregard by lenders and/or title companies to not overload the packages should be charged accordingly. I have one company that is happy to increase my fee by $10 if over 160 pages. I just have to email them to advise.

Update on Sales Signing, beware!! there files from Advantage Title has 200 plus pages and if you print two set, you are looking at 400 plus pages, if the signer changed their mind and does not sign, your fee is reduce to 50.00 total. Ouch

There’s another company that does the same, WFG, and whenever I get a file of 200 pages I always ask for an additional print fee and I used to get it $20 bucks or so. But I haven’t seen many WFG orders via SD lately…

Try with Sales, they may agree.

Never heard of them. How much is your notary fee? If they give you $200–I’m in. Agree that you can negotiate for a higher fee on large packages pushing two hundred pages. Maybe they’ll agree, maybe the won’t, but I never hesitate to ask. And if they say “No?” It’s your call.

cb1, are you still closing for Sales Signing Services? Your last post wa in June 2016. Let us know if you are, and what the fees are. I believe they use SD. Thanks.

Amen to that Statement of Information.

I haven’t been paid for closing in July and no answer when I call. I’ve sent emails to their adm and no reply! Anyone else experiencing this?

I accepted a job from them and once I got the paperwork the next day, I noticed the signature line is a nickname. I reached out to the signer to ask her if her ID matches the nickname, she said no. She also has no other photo identification with this nickname…
Of course I notified sale signing service and they told me this nickname is on the title. Then told me title will create a new one in the same for me to print and notaries are aware of this and do this all the time so its fine. Stating “This is common can you just work with it please”. He also let me know the one in the same covers them and title.
What about the homeowner and the notary? What covers us?
I called the NNA just to double check myself and they concurred with me that this is not okay which I already knew but I always feel better talking it out and making sure theres no new changes or something I’m missing.
The sheer fact that they tried to peer pressure me was an extra big red flag…
all the cool notories are doing it so you should do it too😂
I let “Steve” at sale signings know in order for me to perform the signing that the paperwork needs to be corrected with the correct borrowers name so I can verify the identity of the borrower or I cant and wont perform the job.
He immediately removed me.
Lesson learned. This was my first and last time working with this company. Im glad some people had good experiences with them for the most part. I definitely didnt. It could just be good ole “Steve” that dropped the ball. I definitely wont work with them again.
Just wanted to let you all know my experience :blush:

Heather, where are you located? Do your state laws allow you to use “who took title as” or "a/k/a"s? Here in FL we can use WTTA, which would mean we could do this based on her presented ID - BUT the name on the ID goes in the cert, not the nickname.

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Hi Linda, I’m in AR.

We cant do anything here…we cant even use credible witnesses to verify identification …nothing. Basically if the ID isnt exactly matching …its a no go.

I even called the NNA to double-check because it was such a blatent request for something I told them we cant do here. I had to make sure I wasnt missing something.

When the service said can you please just help us out and do the signing with the ID as is…despite me telling them no…I realized they dont care about me or the homeowner. I dont want to work for anyone like that.

The NNA says nope then its a double nope from me😊

In my experience, it really seems like there has been a decline in ethics from these companies lately…I didnt see this last year at all.

Avoid Sale Signing Services. They are the very worst out of about 125 services I have worked with. It took over 3 years to get them to pay me, with Collection Agency help. The began with excuses about sorry for the delay and they would get the payment out. Then they stopped answering my call altogether. I sent emails and US Mail letters which they never answered. I even sent certified mail demands for payment and notices of preparation for legal action to the company, the owners, officers, and Registered Agent of the company as listed with their Secretary of State. They all refused to receive the certified letters. I turned their account to a collection agency, whom they delayed and avoided. I even listed with SnapDocs that I refused to accept their assignments because I did not trust them. When I finally was paid, my collection expenses had been nearly what I received. Don’t waste your time with their offers.

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