Sample Mixed Paper Size Document for Test Print

Hello. I am a new loan signing agent. I recently purchased a dual tray laser printer. I would love to do a test print and see if I have everything set up correctly. I have a MacBook and Brother printer and have read that the two don’t always play well together. That said. I have not been able to find a sample online to do a test print. The sample loan packages I have from the class are all letter size.

Does anyone have sample loan package with mixed paper sizes? Or any document for that matter that has mixed sized paper?

I truly appreciate your help!

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Make one up yourself. Only takes 1 letter & 1 legal to figure out whether or not it will work. As I understand the situation with a Mac…it won’t work. You need Windows OS. No clue how to do that–only that it’s possible (& a hassle).


Do you have Word or some other word processing/office program on your computer? If so, you can create your own short test package. Create a document and format it for letter size and then legal size. Give it a test run.

I’ve struggled with the MAC/brother relationship for some time and finally threw in the towel and got an HP402 with a second tray. Works beautifully! I do have the Windows platform on the MAC. Most of the time I have to go the Windows platform to print docs correctly. I was ready to stop doing signings when my techie person figured out the problem. Good luck!

Great idea. Thank you!

Can I ask where you purchased it and how much cost?

There’s a “fix” for this problem in the works. We anticipate beta testing will begin within the next couple of weeks.

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There was no cost to adding the Windows platform. I retired from a University and when I left the techies helped me set up my new laptop. They also researched the HP402 printer as my best choice. The printer with the extra tray was about $400 from Amazon. Hope this helps as I know how frustrating it is to have trouble printing.

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Thank you so much! I purchased the hp with an extra paper tray. It should be here in a few days.

So this is why I’ve been having so many issues with printing both sizes with my Brother laser printer. I thought it was just something I had set up wrong. Thanks for the heads up that the issue is not just me. I get around it by printing the legal pages in one set and the letter in another. It works for now but I’m considering the HP402. Thank you for the info.


I have a document I found online. I, too, tried to create one but evidently did something wrong because it wouldn’t print. Reply if you still need the document.


Do you still by chance have that document?

I found this website and they had a download to test print. Test - Letter / Legal


That’s a great test doc…without wasting a bunch of paper. Good find, bethanyyaroma!
Also has many items for sale specifically for us. An explanation of Loan Docs (I didn’t look at that, but seems it would be helpful to newbs). Check it out.

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I love my HP too :). Never fails me.

Thank you much- this helped tremendously.


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I had that problem for a long time and then someone posted on the Loan SigningSystem the way it has to be set up. It’s a little strange but it will work 200 pages, 2 copies sorted in order in a few minutes.

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Wow! That worked perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Yayyy!! :grinning:

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Is there a newer download link for the printer test?

I have a Brothers printer with a duel tray. I have the sample download from LSS but it is 23 pages. I am looking for a sample with a few pages. Does anyone have any suggetions?