Satellite Signing Services - they don't pay

1 out of 3 phone #s work, but only to voicemail. They don’t return messages. Email doesn’t work.

Another great Snapdocs experience.

Call the title/escrow company! They should know how these folks treat notaries.

Here is an email I sent to Signatureline this morning. They have not paid me for a signing on July 25. There is simply no excuse to ignore the notaries who work so hard to bring the loan home to closing.

I won’t be working for your company in the future. The business is so robust, that I do not have time to work for companies who have no respect for their notaries by taking so long to pay up.

I will be posting your slow pay methods on all Notary boards. And, I will be marketing my services to your clients directly.

All you had to do is pay me timely, and you did not.

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Good for you.
I did not even speak to a person.
I just posed a question regarding Fees.
I was told “NO-This is not how it works”… (all rude email like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)
I would have accepted “we do not negotiate”. I would have gone to the 6pm assignment, with a smile giving the client my best self, in the middle of NOWHERE Texas. But Thank God they SNAPPED on me. Removed me for the Snapdocs assignments. They did not respect me as a professional or for that matter a HUMAN. I wish we could do more about the lack of respect, as they can’t move forward with out our partnership. JUST SAY NO to Satellite Signing Service, Your not going to be paid and who needs the lack of respect.


Called the mortgage company. They promised to get me paid. 2 weeks later I had a check.

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I found the owner on Facebook & LinkedIn, I sent him a message. Later that day he sent me my money on Venmo. I was owed 500$ from 4 jobs so darn right I went looking for him!! None of their phone numbers work or emails. So I put on my detective hat and wah lah!!