Sattelite Signing Services?

I have done two signings with this company who has a net 30 pay…been 40 days and emailed twice without a response. Suggestions on how to handle this. I even tried calling.

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E-mail again and tell 'em you’ll be contacting title about no-pay unless… (whatever outcome you want… a response, payment in hand by ‘a date’). They do have a slow/no pay reputation. Just stay on 'em daily until paid and never work for 'em again.

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I’m a new NSA and I have done three signings for Satellite Signing Services. Two of them are now past the 30 days per their agreement. I sent an invoice for past due payment, they updated Snapdocs to show payment was sent but two weeks later…no payment has been received. Sent the following new email, new invoice with late fee, and commented in Snapdocs with no payment received.

“Hello Satellite Signing Services,
I hope things are well. I’m sending a past due notice for Invoice # 146 as it has been assessed a late fee. If full payment hasn’t been received by March 24, 2020 I will be forwarding this notice to the lender and title company informing them I have not received payment for the previous mentioned order. Have a wonderful day! Kind Regards,”

Immediately received an email from Kyle Medick (VP of Operations)…says he is looking into the matter. Will update

I had to send several emails. Then I emailed someone name Steve somebody and he replied with he would look into it within an hour he emailed me again and told me that the monies been sent this was yesterday the 16th March we shall see one of the invoices is way past 30 days the other one is just about 30 days today. It two shows on snap docs at the monies been sent yet to hit my account. I have talked with the title company already and they’re willing to discuss it with me again if I don’t get paid shortly.

I received an email with proof of payment. My mailman was running extremely late today but I did receive the check in the mail today. If they sent me proof of payment then they should be able to send it to you as well. Here is the contact information for Kyle.


Hope this helps. I don’t think I will be taking anymore signings from a company that doesn’t adhere to their own agreement.

I also did signings for them in 2019 and NEVER go paid. I tried calling as well.

Stay on 'em. Daily, hourly…whatever it takes. Don’t let it go.