SCAM: Anyone ever hear of Brothers Bilingual Notaries

Just received a request from Brothers Bilingual Notaries out of Arizona.
Anyone ever hear of them? Have any experience with them?

Yes. I have done a few jobs for them and they paid within 2 weeks after job.

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Good idea! Need more Notary Businesses to speak more languages.

Thank you for your reply. I always ask if anyone is familiar with a signing agency when I’ve not heard of them. Thanks again.

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I’ve done several for them recently and I think they are wonderful and pay alot faster than other companies.

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Why do you think they’re wonderful, is the pay good?

Two jobs performed on feb 22. 2021. Not paid yet and it is April 1. 2021. They told me they sent out a paper check last week. Will update.

Update : check came later today, April 1, 2021 for full amount. Note : They paid for the amount of work performed considerably above average and replied to my inquiry of payment promptly.

Question, what do you consider above average pay?

I probably shouldn’t say how much they had paid me for a job because then everyone can say hey ! You paid Robert malek x ! Why not me ?!
What I can say is that they have paid me more on the last signing, gross pay total than anyone ever has before.
As far as what great pay is and isn’t, you will get a feel for that as you move along. How many pages total, letter or legal, scanbacks or not, how many signers there are are all factors of time and expense. The common pay figure is 100. Give or take depending upon the above.

Yea, I have done some signings for them. They pay on quicker side, and they paid well.

I did one signing for them 2/11/21, still waiting on payment, sent three emails and haven’t heard back once. I’ll be calling them tomorrow

We would consider anything above $125 for the average loan doc’s, to be above average.

I was paid considerably above that by them and Eli was very thankful. It had to be done right away, I came through and they took care of me.
Its not as if they pay me like that all the time but in my experience they dont try to take advantage like many others.Regarding payment I’ve always been paid but that’s just my experience.

@JohnM-FL - They have always been curteous and professional to me with any interaction I have had. The pay is fair for the state I am located in, and they also pay you alot quicker than most other companies. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your pay on that one signing was above average due to the fact that it needed to be done that day and they couldn’t get another notary to do it. I have had that same experience with a lot of signing services. I now have my set price for same-day signings if they can meet fine if not that’s fine too.

They are now two month’s behind in paying me. I’m sure they’ve been paid by the title company because I’ve been in touch with them. So they are keeping the fee. Stay away from them.

Great communication and on top of getting you the docs on a timely manner. No last minute runaround

you must be the lucky one. Over a month ago, I did an extensive job and still did not get paid. I just put him on blast with the clients as I have zero tolerance for this behavior.

I also have had trouble getting paid. I have sent 3 invoices. Its been 73 days now and no response from the invoices I have sent.