Scam for Beginners

Over the weekend, I received an email from an atty named Nicole in Florida asking if I would do a signing and if so, what was my fee. I could schedule as soon as possible. I wrote back and said “yes” and said my fee was $100. The other party then said they pay $200 and emailed me a link which allegedly was a secure website with the client documents. So when I hit the link, it asked for a user ID and password but since none had been given, I put mine in and nothing happened. So I wrote Nicole back and said I could not log in and the “real” Nicole said it must be a scam and I should block that person from emailing me. So I blocked them, changed my email password, deleted my history file and am crossing my fingers they cant access my emails or take over my computer. It also made me think that if you limit how you receive documents, ie, only on snapdocs or other professional sites, you will be okay. Lessons learned for this new notary!


Sadly you will see those scams targeted at notaries’s information, just keep your eyes open… what I do, and I know some fellow NSAs do also, is to come to Notary Cafe and ask if anyone has heard about or done any business with “company X”… right after you will see other notaries’s experiences and inputs.