Scanner for Documents on the road

Hi I have been using Cam Scanner an I Phone app to scan documents on the go…it stopped working, when I removed it and tried to sign back in it wants to charge me…too much a month/year !!
What is everyone using? I hate the way photos turn out on pictures app.

There is a free phone app called Adobe Scan It focuses on the corners of the docs and turns it into a PDF. You can add as many pages as you want to one file and can’t tell the difference between it and a scanned PDF. Time consuming for a lot of pages though…

Just using it for simple items like DL

Yep you can use it for that. It has different choices such as Document, form, Business Card. It will work for you

Thanks I have it now!

I use TurboScan there is a cost but it has many options that I like & copies turns out just like the original or you can flip it to b/w, color or photo. It also can take 3 pictures to ensure a clear copy as well as 12 different sharing options.

So you just take a pic with Adone scan app?