Scanning App vs Scanner

New NSA. For Scanning do you always scan on physical Printer/Scanner at home/office or do you use mobile app to scan large packages and upload? TIA

Either way–whichever works best for you at the time.

Best with a printer scanner. I’ve used a mobile phone scanner, but it takes too long if you’re scanning a lot of docs.

The only time I use a phone/tablet scanner is when the the lender has requested docs from the signer (mortgage statement, copy of deed…) and they can not or did not make a copy for me. In that case I have no choice. Mobile scanners have their problems, such as focusing, ambient light, and paper handling which is prone to human error. They are also not meant for high volume scanning. I can’t imagine scanning a typical refi package of about 140 pages one page at a time. Bad idea and no one wants you in their kitchen (dining room or wherever) while you spend an extra hour, give or take, scanning the package one by one by one…

Take it home and do it the right way in a controlled environment on a scanner with a doc feed.

Hope this helps.