Scanning Docs - what about a bigger, faster scanner? suggestions?

My scanbacks are getting larger. taking more and more of my time. My little scanner has a max of 25 pages at a time so I have to send multiple scans. I understand scanners are $$$$ and would like suggestions from you guys - what are you doing?

I have an Epson WorkForce ES-580W Wireless Duplex Document scanner and it’s wonderful. only trick is it holds 100 pages so it typically takes two batches to run. Which is ok the software will put it into one pdf.


I’m already running two printers and one, rather old, scanner that can hardly keep up. I’m looking into a larger capacity scanner and keep my old one as a back up unit.

Fujitsu Scan Snap or later version. I have to break the package down to groups of about 25 but that’s all the transmittal portal can take in most cases, anyway. I L-O-V-E my scanner. Works perfectly and endlessly. Almost never jams unless I foul it up.


apparently Epson is highly rated in PC magazine but it will need to be a copier also and only really want a black and white scanner. There is also not much fluctuation on the cost of Epson. I don’t think a scanner would be an item that I want to buy used at all. My husband made a fax machine Brother Laser Intellifax 2840 into a scanner using special software. It has a copier and it has been good but does not scan more than about 25 pages at a time. Not real fast either 150 pages takes me over an hour. I have been sending only critical documents to many of the companies to shorten things up when I can. My bedroom office can’t handle many more machines either. Oh Frustration! After the holidays. My husband works for a big company that uses an old Bell & Howell. I am also going to check other brands. Its real hard to know what works because you can’t watch it in action at the stores - it is all on line. To everyone that has replied - thanks.

I have a Lexmark MX 522, printer/scanner - a little pricey but reliable and fast, 500 page each dual tray, feeder for scan accommodates about 50 pages, so larger files take 2-3 batches, then combine them with free pdf merge software. I have had larger capacity scanners, but then had to have a separate printer. This all-in-one works great for me.

I have the Fujitsu Scansnap 1500. I understand there is now a 1600. It is very fast. I initially load about 40 pages and as it scans the pages I am able to load more pages into the hopper. I have successfully scanned a 350 page document.

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