Scanning docs with a mix of legal and letter sizes

I am a bit OCD so I change the scanner setting back & forth between letter and legal size pages as they change sizes in the documents. Needless to say that adds a considerable amount of time to the scanning process.

Do most/any of you just scan them all as Legal size which leaves that extra blank space at the bottom of the letter size documents?

I just don’t know if the lenders care in the least they’re all scanned as Legal size, or if it helps them in any way.

Comments on what your practices are on this would be helpful. I’m tempted to just start scanning them all as legal size but…


If they are mixed size, I scan as legal. Always have, always will. Never had a complaint, so stop wasting so much time.


If you do not have a double tray printer, ask if it is ok to print the docs on legal, if they say yes do it, because when the docs arrive to them they can cut them to the size needed…


Some companies insist on using both. I don’t like it at all but I take it as part of the job requirements. I didn’t want to buy a new printer with two trays, so I use my laser printer for legal size and my jet ink for letter size. I can print on both at the same time. I write down the pages that are legal size, then after printing all the docs, I insert the legal pages where they belong. When I print the copies for the borrower, I “fit to page” and print them on my ink jet.
Finding legal size paper in large amounts isn’t as easy or as inexpensive as letter size paper.
There have been companies that will allow all letter size, but rather than asking, I just go ahead and print legal and letter. My job is to be compliant and do what I’m being paid to do, so I do what is required. In the end, that’s the easiest for me.

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two things, 1 he said scanning so I would respond to that as I scan all return docs as legal. 2nd If its printing there is a program among many that is called Page Separator that will print docs in letter and legal and give you a page that tells you when to insert or merge pages. I love the program. It maybe takes 5 min longer just because you have to change paper in the printer. As risnotarialservices said their process ts the easiest for them. I so agree with this statement. How can I make this job easier than it is without spending more money? Im pretty comfortable with my process.

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Some scanners, like my have software/drivers that allow the selection of an “Auto” page size, which will mix the page sizes automatically. I know the Epson GT-S50 offers the option.

Also, it might not be a bad idea to check out NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2), a free, open-source PDF scanner.


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Thank you everyone, I’ll start scanning everything in legal size from now on which will save me a lot of time. I do have a dual-tray Brother printer so printing in mixed letter/legal sizes is no big deal for me. And actually, my VueScan scanning software has an automatic size detecting setting but it wasn’t working properly a year ago and it wasn’t switching to letter, it was staying on legal. I’ll try it again, maybe they fixed it so all this may be a moot point if its automatic size mode is working properly by now.

Edit: Nope the auto page size feature on my VueScan software just cuts the page off when there’s no more text. I was hoping it would automatically size each page to 8 1/2 x 14 or 8 1/2 x 11 automatically but nope.


Do they allow doc’s to be printed on both sides?

Skenton, you’re correct he did say ‘scanning’. I think the subject changed somewhere and became printing.

Anyway, I never thought about document size when I do scan backs. I just put the documents in my printer to scan and they include letter and legal size. I think the company at the other end can print them any way they want because they would be in their computer. It isn’t a fax so the page size wouldn’t matter on my end. I have never had an issue with my scans.

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Just scan on legal size…

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I’ve never seen any lender allow docs to be printed on both sides and I’ve done something like 400 loan signings. All the instructions I’ve received over the past 3 years always said to print all docs single-sided. I recently took another NSA course that suggested the second set of documents for the client be printed double-sided to save paper. I liked that suggestion but only at first. The one time I did that, the client screwed up a document which meant I had to replace it with one printed on both sides… which made me nervous enough that the client copied the side we needed with his laser printer so it worked out. I’ll never print the second set of docs double-sided again.


Yes, I can see why you shouldn’t print 2 sided.

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I currently use a Brother MFC-5850-DW all in one printer to scan my docs. This model allows me to scan the docs using the ‘legal’ size setting but it automatically senses the correct paper size. If I put it on ‘legal’, it scans letter size pages in the correct format too. I’m sure there are other machines out there that operate the same way. I use a desktop scanner for individual documents, like when I need to scan only critical docs. As I noticed more and more companies requiring scans, it just made sense to invest in the proper equipment to save valuable time.


just use the Notary rotary page separator that separates letter from legal and than print all the legal than the letter. It doesnt matter the order of the legal!! Geez!!


Some companies with upload the files for you as a split zipped file which separates legal and letter size. All you have to do is change the paper size in the tray. The file will have instructions on how to insert then back in order.


But I think he was talking about scanbacks not printing the docs.

Lately, I’ve been getting instructions up front - along with the call for assignment. Odd - but the thing that irritates me with that is - they are starting to sound like veiled threats.

For example it may say something like " if ALL instructions are not followed completely YOUR fee(s) will be revoked. If there are errors you are responsible for fixing them and we will not pay for shipping of the revised documents." There’s more…that was just a small sample.

Of course I would correct MY mistakes. That’s a given. But to say that any mistake and your fee will be revoked (meaning I wouldn’t get paid for the assignment AND I would have to pay for FEDEX charges to ship any corrections)…well, to me that sounds like a threat. Not interested in a signing like that. Gives me the feeling that they can’t wait to see if I make ANY mistake.

I don’t make mistakes. I take the time to double & triple check for missed signatures, notary certificates, dates, even the color of pen required.

They probably don’t know that - but it offends me that YOU (signing agency, escrow, title, etc) think that I WILL mess up and you can’t wait to get a freebie out of me.

Yes - I know I sound a little jaded. Comes with being washed with many waters. :blush:

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I have the same model and I like the option of scanning from the machine or lap top feature and also the flash drive feature the machine has

I love that option on NR sight. Saves from buying a second tray. I used it in the begging before I had a dual tray.

Whenever I scan my docs, they scan to my computer in both letter and legal formats, mixed just as i receive them. In other words, if the first 12 pages are letter sized, the next 4 pages are legal sized and the following 22 pages are letter sized, that’s how they scan to my computer. I then send them to the agency in the same manner. I haven’t a clue how they print them, but on my end where it relates to printing, I print both sizes as I receive them. Not every agency use both sizes. With that being said, how I receive them is how I print them, have them completed, scanned and returned.