Seasoned notary question

Is it worth it to buy a warrantee with your printer?
How long do your printers typically last a year, two years?
I feel like I’m being jipped since mine usually lasts a year before something catastrphic happens
your feedback is appreciated

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I’m currently using a Lexxmark printer; I’ve had it around 10 years. The one I had before that failed because of a lightning strike. I’d expect a printer to last around 10 years. Extended warranties are an expensive form of insurance, so I don’t get it. My Visa card extends the warranty of things I buy with it; I’d have to look up the details.


What version of lexxmark do you use? if you don’t mind me asking

I have an MS310dn with dual trays. If I were replacing it, I’d get something with more memory because sometimes it has trouble printing complicated pages.


Thanks I will definately look into lexxmark’s long life printers!
I’m getting tired of buying a new printer so often…

If I may ask, what kind of maintenance have you needed to do on it? I have used a couple brother 5200’s and both are around 360k with “laser” issues but still allows printing. How many pages have you been able to print with your Lexxmark?

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My printer doesn’t track the number of pages through it, but my use has been fairly light, and very light since I stopped being a loan signing agent. I’ve replaced the toner about once a year and the imaging unit about once every 5 years.

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I’ve had my brother MFC 8710 for over 4 years. The one before lasted for nearly 6 years. Heat printer!

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That’s great. Do you know the guestimate number of pages you printed per month or per year by any chance?

I’ve used Brother laser printers for over 30 years, and have heavy-duty usage. I’m currently using an MFC-L5900DW which is a great, dependable machine. I have also discovered, at least in Fayetteville, NC, that Walmart has reasonably priced paper, which jams much less than any other paper I’ve used.
I’ve been a NSA since 4/15/88 and was a REALTOR for over 30 years. I have closed and signed over 15,000 real estate loans of all types and if you need help my email is

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Thank you Jim!!! I’m glad to hear the mfcl5900dw can handle heavy-duty usage. My HL-L 6200DW tanked after a year’s work. There must have been a manufacturer recall on those. It doesn’t make sense to me.

@jennjoneis The Brother MFCs are truly workhorses! They require little maintenance and will power through for years. Over the decade & one-half that I’ve provided Professional Signing Agent [PSA] services, I’ve purchased TWO. So, they’re quite durable.

When it’s time to replace the fuser, just purchase a new MFC printer - as the cost for the component is nearly the cost of a new printer. In addition, that doesn’t include the time you’re without the printer as it usually must be shipped to another city for repairs & there are fees for Labor & the S&H.

The MFC-L6800DW is the machine I currently utilize. It’s quite User-Friendly.


Some sage members treasure the HP printers.

Anecdotally, I started out with an HP and quickly switched to a Brother after too many compatibility and functionality issues arose with the HP.


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Thank you cNsa5!!! Very informative. Yes, I had recommendation from the HL-L brother printer fans
but I think I’m switching over to mfcl. :smiley:

I’ve been using brother MFC machines for years. The fuser usually burns out in approximatedly 4-5 years. I find much more economical to just buy a new machine than replace the fuser and find a qualified tech to install it. If you buy them at Costco just return them and order a new machine.

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I have a 2 B405 xerox printers. Bought second one for security in case first one breaks down currently have 330,000 documents printed. although xerox no longer supports that printer I will buy another xerox when I am in need.

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I have a duplex kyocera m2540dw this is a workhorse, top notch printer. Quick & reliable very clean prints. I use a brothers hl-5450dn for mobile printing, its ok

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nice. thanks for the info

That’s a new brand to my ears. Thanks. I will look that up.

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I’ll check out xerox thanks

I tend to avoid the contracts, but Amazon does have a “for ~$18/month we’ll cover EVERYTHING you buy from us” that looks attractive. Otherwise, you’re just betting on whether the stuff’s going to fail (often a bad bet after the first 90 days).

I’ve had HP, Brother and Canon printers in multiple offices; my oldest is now 14 years old (Lexmark aka Dell 2330DN); the Brother is ~10 years, the HP’s are over 15. My newest printers are a Brother HL-L6200DWT (6 months) and a Canon MF-733cdw (3 years).

In truth, when you replace the cartridge, you’re replacing the drum and transfer mechanism; eventually, most printers also have a consumable fuser. Those are the high failure items, and they’re replaced every time toner is changed.

Physical damage (something dropping on printer and cracking paper tray) and decreased toner availability (or higher cost) are more my major concerns.

Last time I ran out of toner on the Dell, I bought a new printer instead. Now my cartridges last 12000 pages instead of 6000, and I have 4 trays instead of 2 (colored divider pages make it easy to separate documents)…

Just my $0.02.


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