Second chance to make your voice heard - AB 199 The CA Online Notary Act of 2019 - Hearing Tues 4/23 8am Rm 437

The second hearing has been set by the Asm. Judiciary Committee for April 23rd at 8am, State Capital, Room 437. This is a second chance to make your voices heard. If missed the first hearing, now is the time to get involved. It’s time for every notary in this state to step up and speak out! If you plan to attend, call a buddy and bring a friend. We need to appear in greater numbers and tell our law makers that we’re not going to allow the NNA and Big Tech to put notaries and the California public at large directly into harms way.

If you can’t make it to the hearing, please write to your state legislators, call and register your position with the Asm Judiciary Committee, reach out to other notaries and signing companies you work for and ask them to get involved. Perhaps donate a couple signature fees to the cause. Thank you for your support and participation, together we can preserve our role as notary public.

Just in case you missed it, you can watch the first hearing here. it starts at the 30 minute mark.

The latest bill analysis is available and boy is it damning. Take a look:

Let loan officers send the documents digitally to their clients. That’s what they were hired to do. They should only share that information to the extent absolutely necessary and for no other reason. We need to become notaries not signing agents now. Lenders can split the packages. We have no E&O EXCEPT on a notarized document, not on a signing package! We also agree to a venue in a different location for a hybrid signing (like the lender’s business location) on a hybrid in the TERMS OF USE. We just need to let the loan officer go over the arrangements THEY arranged for their borrowers. Why are we in the picture still? Now UPS/FED-EX is eliminated as a weak link with the borrower’s private data. Who wants to buy LifeLock for the rest of a borrower’s life in the event we compromised their data from getting hacked, etc? We agree to quite a lot in the boiler plate language under the terms of use. Also, the next thing is we will be paying to access their platform in order to do a hybrid signing. Set the stage now. Let loan officers do digital signings with their borrower’s and let borrower’s choose their own services (without steering) them

When we had the fires last year I was working for a signing company with a 3 hour time difference. They wouldn’t answer when I called to reassign, couldn’t take the smoke filled house, really triggered my lungs and my car wreaked for days afterwards. Considering I did my best… I’m just glad it didn’t change their interest rate from an expiring loan lock if not signed that day, etc. Would have preferred to leave the documents and have them call a local notary who could make it or meet them elsewhere. I’d almost think it’s a RESPA violation for an unearned fee/ and/or due to the markup from a signing company and it puts the borrower’s at a disadvantage as in the above. Can you imagine if they had to redraw at a different interest rate or buy it down?