Secretary of State

Retested in April, got my Notary package in July - had updated my address and county. Package sent to correct new address, commission is listed in county moved from. I have spent 6 weeks working on correction. Keep sending priority shipping documents, keep getting SOS staff who don’t know nothing, don’t have a reasonable response for resolution. My commission expires today. So, having to accept the Auth Cert for tools with my correct address and my last county. So, I travel to county moved from when I get Bond from NNA to Clerks’ office to be sworn in. This is a 5 hour one way trip, for me, I need to pay for hotel. Then come back home, contact all the companies I have been working for and explain I am on the same commission no lapse, just SOS error!

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Wow what a nightmare, sorry you’re having to deal with all this. Sounds time consuming. Hopefully it is now resolved, especially with the companies you work with. What state and county are you in?

No, not resolved, and probably won’t be hearing from SOS as this incident is months ago now. LOL

Live in, California, Shasta County. The Shasta Trinity National Forest so most towns are small and very rural. Redding is the biggest city. Well, we worked the high ride of never ending loan sign opportunities. Now, I am getting the opportunity to look at the other sides of my life. Just made a comment on an experience I had with First Class on Snapdocs. Whew! How is the industry for you?