Security service title company

So I was contracted to do a signing with SECURITY SERVICE TITLE COMPANY through Snapdocs for $100. It was scheduled for Saturday. Saturday comes no documents. I call send messages no response. Tuesday I get a notice this has been re-scheduled for Wednesday evening. I was available. When SECURITY SERVICE TITLE COMPANY rescheduled it in Snapdocs the fee was $40.00. I sent a message asking why this was changed. I had to send 2 messages. They called me and stated someone scheduled this in wrong. This is only a correction not a full packet and I can either take the $40.00 or I can take the $100. and they will never use me again as a notary! Did they really just threaten me? I took the $100 because I really don’t want to work with a company they makes threats!
I am a reasonable person. If SECURITY SERVICE TITLE COMPANY would have called me before they cut my pay by 60% I totally would have worked with them.
I called to speak with a manager because I feel I was treated very unprofessional and the manager was even more RUDE then the first person I talked to.
I am amazed at how unprofessional companies can be. I have done 13 signings for them over 3 years so no loss.


When there are 7 to 8 times more notaries everywhere than needed…you can finish the sentence~~


they are getting desparate very sad very unprofessional. Don’t they know that if they scare away the good notaries they will get the not so great less experienced notaries and have to pay for it later?


Not enough info here on the initial transaction for me to chime in fully.

Was the initial order for a correction transaction, or something else? (A full packet correction, REFI, Sale, etc…)

They “scheduled this in wrong.” Was it the transaction that was wrong, or the fee?

SECURITY SERVICE TITLE COMPANY set this up as a full HELOC and not a correction. The fee for a full HELOC was $100 and a correction is only $40. They changed it to a correction, changing my fee to $40 (I think hoping I would just accept it and not ask questions). When I questioned the fee change is when I was told to take the $40 fee or keep the $100 fee and they would never use me as a notary again!

If they had communicated their mistake to me reasonably (and before just changing it in the system) I would have worked with them maybe split the difference or gave up the signing to someone that wanted it for $40.00. But I was not given that opportunity before the threat was made.

I agree with you here. But I kind of had a “hunch” just by reading your post, that the initial assignment was different than the second one, and thank you for confirming such. Either way, they should have honored their initial fee on “their” initial mistake. No need to strike you out when you weren’t even up to bat. Take your money and run, and don’t look back.

I am so sorry this happened to you:( This is so unfortunate to see title people acting in such unprofessional way. I’m shocked actually.

This makes me wonder if it was a miscommunication. I’m kinda shocked that the title would cut fee like that. Normally it’s the other way around. I had a 3 page doc with 1 signature and 1 notarization that I took for $150 and the guy sent me a revised fee for $175 after I called to yell at them for not sending me docs on time. I called immediately after I saw a revised email, thinking it was an error and he said that’s what they pay and I didn’t even have to scan back. I was like ok! :thinking:

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Yeah me too. I haven’t seen reduction in fees happen, especially when they are admitting to the error, but its obvious this company is “pinching their pennies.” I would like to think that in your scenario, Title did the right thing by throwing in an extra $25 for the inconvenience of receiving late docs.

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I have held to my prices and don’t seem to get many jobs anymore. Not sure if it is the market isn’t out there or they just take lower bids. If a notary holds their own on prices the other notaries will soon find they are working for peanuts and get out of the business. I have thought of finding another profession myself as I can’t make a living at notary work anymore. My time is worth something.


lol…Please show me how to get signing on snapdocs, maybe I look at youtube.

Can’t say that I’m really surprised. Notaries are really treated like the smallest, most easily replaceable fish in the sea. Maybe we are, but there are still companies out there that, at the very least, treat us with a modicum of respect.