September Highlight?

The below image was posted on YouTube 9 days ago by the LSS owner. Apparently September 2022 was the best month ever for a lot of NSAs. I’d love to hear you guys’ thoughts/testimonies of other people who are making 19k a month doing this work.

If I was still relying on solely loan signings this year for income, I’d be homeless and completely destitute lol.

Still believing everything LSS Mr Wills says about our profession? wow! that man is a good salesman…

I never said I believed anything. I just want to know other people’s thoughts.

I think I know who the author of that “boast” may be. He’s a signing service owner and, if it’s who I think he is, he simply cherry picks all the best orders he gets and claims he’s doing lights-out business. Ignore him and anyone else who thinks boasting on this forum is worth anything. It demoralizes the newbies and just pi**es off the rest of us. It’s all baloney.

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September was the best month for him? HAHA Yes, I’d absolutely believe it because the market is ripe for it. Mortgage rates are too high and he’s making a good killing on the hungry notaries out there in search of the magic beans he just happens to be selling. But isn’t it like comparing apples and oranges really? We can’t compare what we do to what he does. Because the guy is selling notaries his training service/expertise/coaching/books/webinars. Willing to bet he’s not out there making this $$ with just loan signings alone.

As for me, my 3rd quarter was better than 1st and 2nd. But it was no @#$! $47K cake walk. I wish. But no. I am also thankful I don’t rely on loan signings for primary income.


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