Service Link Fees

Service link called me today to confirm registration and stated they pay $70-73 for a 200+ page pkg plus require fax back. That seems low but said there were notaries in my area accepting that fee. Any Thoughts?

No! No! No! Shaking head…….:thinking: what is up with these companies low-balling notaries:( I’m so confused.


That’s only 27, 28 signings a week and they’ve got their 100K :crazy_face:


That is so true! :thinking: volume!, but can they guarantee that? Nope, too many notaries. I’m done with working hard.

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One title asked me to sign up with ServiceLink which I haven’t done that yet. Maybe I won’t turn in my application package:(

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Just experience…I was doing signings for them and it stopped suddenly. A month later, they called and said if I dropped my fee considerably, I get the previous volume (not much) back.

I didn’t, but still get some business whenever their new favorite cheaper notary is busy. And I know that if I had dropped my fee, they would have called her (just as they called me) and told her the same thing they told me. And that’s how $150 gets down to $70…the ‘fee limbo dance’…how low will YOU go?


Ok, I will send in my package . And ask my title to directly assign to me first, maybe the fee will be different than a blast.

Thank you all for responding. I received another assignment just 3 days ago and it was $90. So there are other reputable companies paying at least $90.

I also have an attorney using me and I got $90 for a deed and schedule of disbursement. So there are customers that will pay $90 for quality work.

Greg Crawford


No offense, but especially with the inflation I can’t do loan signing for $90 or $100 due to print 2 sets, prep and drive time, etc. if I am slow, I will take the $90 or $100 blast but I call for increase. If they refuse I just ask them to take it back.


That’s super low balling, me personally I wouldn’t accept.


I think it depended on if you are on auto assignment or not, SL usually pays me $125 and if I have to travel further they will pay more


That’s a great fee if you want to come in first in the race to the bottom. No way.

i tell them no and have had many arguments about their fees.
i barely take work from them.
i gave them fees for certain zips heloc and re fi
when they call i ask if scan backs required and then ask for more $
pay me or not.
i dont buy the nonsense about notaries in my area taking 70$ for 200 plus w scans
thats them lo balling

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yup me too pay me or sorry

i am on auto assign…but they claim the get cheaper notaries or " hasn’t been any business in a while"
so when they do call I get my fee or i dont take the job.
you must be in the mid west??

we have 30 notaries in our region with svc lnk…I know they lo ball them
they were giving me alot of work and then giving me print fees on top
cancellation fee as well
but i had higher fees, a perfect record, but higher fees.
i do about 5-10 a month with them.
but only at my price

dispicable, and they know it…

ServiceLink is a title company

I really think the people that are onboarding the notaries are telling them that $73 is the going rate in their area because the notary doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity they agree to the new terms.

I was getting five closings a day from them at $125 each, then all of a sudden one per week. I spoke with someone in vendor management and was told I don’t get orders because notaries in my area are taking closing for $70 - $77. I’m going to have to cut my ties with them


$125 is the minimum fee. With scanbacks $150. If you do good work with no mistakes they will give you the jobs. They are lowballing BECAUSE you are accepting their fees. Add up the doubled cost of gas, paper and ink. It costs me $30 just to leave my house. I average 30 per month on my terms. There is no shortage of work, but you cannot work for free.