Service Link Fees

They pay pretty good according to this: :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I was told they base the fee on what others in the area are taking. He first asked what my fee was, then told me what they pay. Why even ask…

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I recall about 10 years ago - maybe 12 - I was working w/ SL - in fact I was on one of the closings when they called to schedule me for another - my fee at that time was $125-$150 depending on location; the person calling told me I needed to lower my fee to $70-something dollars - told them that was untenable and no, I was not going to do it - she told me if I did not I wouldn’t get any calls - well, their calls were few and far between as it was for me and I told her that…“you hardly ever call me anyway, so my fee for that is minimum $125” -

My point is - they’ve been pulling that same line for over 10 years. Figure your costs, create a solid business plan, set your fees based on all factors considered and STICK TO IT.

BTW - not sure you can do this here because they’ve redone this forum a couple times; but go to Notary Rotary, do a search for Message #1, or any messages dated back around 2006-2007-2008 - you will find all the same complaints still being voiced today about all the companies - slow pay/no pay/low pay… It’s amazing how time has passed but nothing has changed.


Yep, agreed!..………………

:100: Percent Accurate @LindaH-FL


That $125 to $175 is post-negotiation, or “post me stating my rate”, after they have called me. Basically, as with any signing service, ServiceLink/Exos is willing to pay if and when they really need a signing done. However, they can get someone for $75 or $85, they will.

Per recent RON discussions it is worth noting that they pay $85 for a RON refi signing. Imo, that is reasonable, It’s also higher than some other signing services’ RON fees, as well as being a much better deal than $85 for a mobile signing.

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I am a fan of negotiation:) People paid a lot of money to learn the art of negotiation! To name a few, wall street brokers, mortgage brokers, realtors, lawyers, sales team, banks, corporate executives, sports, anything in life really. If you are a smart person you negotiate. Being submissive will not lead to success. There is no loyalty in any business. Go for it. Negotiate. Value you time and your expertise.
Although some idiots will demonize anyone who tell others to negotiate(asking for fee increase). Just sayin….

Yea, they tend to add whatever price they say is trending in your area, but I have noticed that I’m getting offers at my exact rate from them. I’m sure you will hear from them again especially if they really need you. I am on auto assign and today they actually emailed to requesting if I was available for a signing.


Yup same here I got my price and they keep me busy


Yes??? ……:No???..……………

Actually, there is no need to answer if you’re not comfortable with the question since I’ve asked three times, privately and publicly. I am quite sure that you are not the same Notary whose family asked me once upon a go about what he should tell his son to charge for his signing because he was not getting what he should. I recalled telling him to tell the son who was also a mortgage loan officer and a realtor to charge at least $150. I am sure it wasn’t your family who asked me for help in deciding what fee to charge because you seem to demonize notaries who mention anything about negotiating for fee increase:). You are a saint:)

Gatorgreg81, where are you located? I’m in Northern VA, and Service Link tells me they pay $66 for a refinance. I did one of them, and on Friday I got another order at $66. It was 236 pages and in a trust. They sent me the documents 2 hours before the signing. I had to give it back. When they sent the order, it didn’t say it was 236 pages. Don’t think I’ll be working for them.

bluesky8549 where are you located? Doesn’t the pay have everything to do with where you are?

palinotary90272 where are you located? I really think we should all be posting at least the state we’re in because it has a lot to do with where you’re located.


Why doesn’t anyone say where they’re located? All this discussion about high/low fees isn’t relevant unless you disclose the area you’re working in.

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Agree :100: Precent @Notary_veg :owl:



They told me it’s because there are so many notaries in my area. I’m in Northern VA.
It would really be helpful if people said where they are so we understand why some are getting $200 a signing.

Madera, California (Central Valley) and last time I checked there are a lot of notaries here) but I have been with SL for a long time time

There is no loyalty in this business, and especially with SL (I know Amrock is worse) - but if SL can find someone cheaper than you, your length of time is of no consequence to them. And that’s what’s happened with many veterans - they’re watching their tried and true move on to cheaper notaries.

It’s sad.


I say block them permanently.

I’m in Colorado and I am raising my rates due to inflation, and supplies are getting harder and harder to find or deliver on time, gas, etc. I am also worry about the current war that may lead to WWWIII:( :cry:

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