Service Link

Anyone here had any luck with getting on with Service link with less than 250 closings and less than 2yrs of experience? I received a follow-up email even though I let them know I didn’t have either, but I do have over 6yrs of mortgage experience. I hope they consider me.

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Call them and tell them you are eager and you know what you are doing. Thats always a detterent.

I had over 400+ when they call me to do a last minute favor. So I took advantage of the situation and ask in return a favor from them. Now I’m in their system and will warn you they are one of the companies that brutally penalize you for errors. You can only make 1 error per 50 signings to be considered acceptable. And mind you 1 error is 1 error not multiple errors in one signing. So if you miss an initial before completing 50 signings than you are deemed unacceptable and you instantly notice the decrease in orders. It’s pretty sad because you practically have to be perfect even though there’s no such thing. But striving for perfection is key.

Follow up with Partner Management. They are a solid company that provides a wide variety of services.

It’s Servicelink. One word.