Servicelink App

Has anyone been having issues with logging into Servicelink app or website? I am getting error messages.


I am having the same issue. The app and website seem to both be not working.

Is it the EXOS system you are referring to?
And the Exos app?
I’m unable to even get access to the screens.

I have an explanation: the whole world is falling apart. (trying not to panic)

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I have a order thru the EXOS system today, but without the website, unable to retrieve docs.
I just got a call from 844 prefix…they are emailing the docs directly to me.
They confirmed EXOS is down.

so is bancserv…🕵🏾‍♀️🕵🏾‍♂️👀

Had two closings on Friday and the system including email was down. Had to communicate by text. Looks like a major tech fail

Major is the right word… (check newest thread)

Yes for sure app and web down for days

I have had major issues with my last 2 closings with Service Link. No one answered phones or emails with them on assignment last Tuesday with major issue with signer. I did finally received 3 call backs. I was informed that everything in their infrastructure was down including EXOS and emails due to major crash. I was informed I would eventually be responded to once they get everything back up.

On another signing I did for them on November 16th. I have been flooded with calls and emails from the signer who is furious as her wire transfer did not show up on time and now she is upset and continously contactig me because she has not received return phone calls regarding her checks to pay off her creditors and her payments are overdue.

I’ve informed her on both of her issues that she needs to reach out to her loan officer to discuss her situation as in my role as the notary who conducted her closing that I’m not able to assist her in getting her disbursements.

Just received an email from her that said I needed to let her know when I can get her funds to her. It was only addressed to me. I responded to her once again, as I have told her several times over the phone, to contact her loan officer and reminded her again, I cannot resolve this for her.

I’m hoping Service Link will resolve their issues soon as their systems issues are causing headaches for me with 2 of their clients who have harassed me and have been making demands of me that I cannot resolve for them under my role as the notary.

Both if these assignments think it is my job to resolve their issues and have started blaming me telling me to “do my job” to fix their issues that have nothing to do with me. I’ve tried to be very polite with them and explain to them to contact their lenders.

Given I’m the only one they can reach I’ve become the focus of their fury. I’m not going to take their calls anymore given they have not taken my advice to contact their loan officers and/or mortgage companies.

Never experienced anything like this before!!!

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I guess you haven’t heard about the FNF cyber attack. It’s affecting service link and many other signing services. See the thread on FNF cyber attack

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I just read about this when someone mentioned FNF was attacked. I Googled Service Link and discovered FNF is their parent company.

This is really tragic news for their mortgage division. Hope they reach out to their customers soon, especially those who have done closings in the last couple of weeks.

Being the only person these customers can reach, I’ve certainly been on the receiving end of their frustration. Unfortunately, I still cannot help them and if they would take my advice to call their lenders, they would be bettter off hearing from them about the current situation and the path forward rather than attacking me over the phone and through text messages.

On a side note, many of my closings come from Service Link and Bancserv directly. Thus, the situation explains why I’ve not received any calls to do closings for them since early last week or responses to my emails regarding client issues.

Not only am I concerned about the impact this will have on a current volatile real estate market but on my and others very sensitive PI information that may now be at risk that these companies have inluding SS# and driver’s license #.

I was already hacked in the summer if 2022 and had to jump through hoops, including placing fraud alerts and blocks on my credit report before i had complete identity theft.

In our business, we all collect very sensitive PI information on behalf of title companies and lenders from their clients.

Everyone of us should closely monitor our information right now. I’ve already been given free monitoring service from a more recent hack with a company that had my PI information and will now add my own strong monitoring again until I know exactly the type of PI information may have been compromised.

I just read the FNF cyber attak reports, this happened a week ago. They should have shut down closings when the attack 1st happened. I feel like our information is also effected, like our personal info and bank accounts details if you have direct deposit. I read the Mr. Cooper was also attacked

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Wow very wide-spread. I just did a Mr. Cooper loan with Service Link that is one of my signers, who has been attacking me since last week who has not received her checks to pay off her creditors.

Explains a lot

Didn’t even think about my bank account info as I’m directly paid by several of my SSs.

Yes a friend of mine shared what happened… ServiceLink is still down but BankServ is back up and running. That’s why it’s been quiet the last week. Crazy too!

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Can anyone make contact with any of the service link team??

None of their contact information works and I had a closing scheduled and never got it canceled or documents the client never was contacted. It’s been going on for a week the app don’t work I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t get an answer by email or phone

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I made contact through their Vendor Management email address yesterday, but their systems are still down. The EXOS system says they are doing “Maintenance”.