Servicelink Exos giving no orders

Hi All,
I have not heard anything from Servicelink ever since they came back from The Cyber attack. Is anyone having the same experience - How are they handling their closings -
My profile is good but still no signings

The market is slower. I hadn’t heard from them in months, then out of the blue, last week they requested me for a hybrid closing. It was a last minute request. Who knows what’s going on, maybe give them a call…

Thank you for the update.
I only got one signing in December - used to get 2 at least a day - I called multiple times to check my profile and everything is in order. They said they are extremely slow and they might get some new orders in January
My income is mostly dependent on Servicelink - since last month I have been struggling - I hope things get better for them

SERVICELINK has been strangely silent despite saying the system has been restored and accounts are active. Is there any update on when they will be active again with? Thanks.