Services on this Company: 'NOTARY SUITE'

Is Notary Suite a valid company?

It’s a directory/platform. Don’t think they hire notaries… I dunno…sooo many, but apparently I’m ‘signed up’ there.

I was e-mailed by Notary Suite, but the order information says Nationwide Signing Services has assigned me as the signing agent.
And I have a Purchase signing on Monday with a couple who don’t want to give out their phone number.
What are your thoughts?

The Signing Service is responsible for providing you with the phone number and/or email address, send the SS a message to provide the number, if you cannot confirm the appointment they should tell you if you still should make the trip

I insist on a contact #. Why? Sometimes the address provided is wrong. Or the Appt. time, date. Or all signers aren’t available. Or, even with a good address, the location is still hard to find. Or they don’t have required ID. Or they’ve changed their mind. Probably a few other reasons that I’ve forgotten. Oh…yeah…the really good one: Signers are on the fence and they hope that the notary being there will push 'em into signing. Every one of these reasons has happened to me–sometimes more than once. Expecting a notary to go out ‘blind’ is just stupid.
If they still refuse…OK, then, full fee is due me regardless of outcome will work, too.


Concur :100: percent with @Arichter Thanks! Concisely & precisely expressed. Great info. Mirrors my experience & Plan of Action [POA] for these types of Signing Orders [SOs].


I have worked with Notary Suite / Nationwide Signing Service. My experience has been very good. Jakki is the best! Communication has to be done through platform and they are very responsive.

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