Setting goals and working towards them

At the end of every month I set two goals… my first is the minimum amount of money or singings I want for the month and the second is my stretch goal. I started this in January and every month I worked hard to achieve them with daily focused activities and posting and tracking my progress on my chalkboard. (it’s always visible)

What are some of the things you are doing in your business to help you stay afloat?

Thank you for sharing this. I became a loan signing notary back in 2020 when I was laid off due to COVID. I started doing this with the intentions of doing this part time and that is what I do asking with work a full time job. Being that I love doing this, I decided to apply for a LLC, ein number and starting to create a website. My next goal once those are complete is to start marketing my company. I really enjoy doing the signing I am praying it will take off. Itv has picked up a bit this month but mostly coast to coast jobs.

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