(not paying)

I took a $100 debt settlement from

It is now past 30 days and neither JoAnn nor accounting Jazmine? will help me.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this company.

Yasmine just called me back and said they are running over 90 days to ACH our payments…

Just a heads up. :open_mouth:

Did you ever get paid for this job? I just completed a debt settlement for them…

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Yes but it took over 100 days and me threatening to take them to collections :frowning:

please give me a name and number to call… mine is over 3 months old!!

Hi, I did a signing for and getting a response since the signing has been almost impossible. It has been 10 days since the signing and my responses are few and far between. I provided a service and an invoice and would like to be compensated for my time. I am in the state of Nevada, does anyone know who I would report the company to for follow up?