Settlement Solvers Issues

I took a job with Settlement Solvers. The docs did not arrive in time the day and time scheduled so they asked if I could reschedule for the next day. I had appointments set and told them of my schedule. The docs arrived at my house late and told them that while I could not do the signing since I had another job, I would be happy to get the docs to the signer. She was from out of town. I was told by Shaun that it was a problem, they could find another notary and they would send me a delivery fee. I have not received a dime and I ran all over town, getting to my appts late to get these docs to the client so they could get them notarized before catching an earlier flight back to their hometown. Hay anyone had similar experiences with Shaun from Settlement Solvers or the company itself. I would not take a job from them as they wont pay what they promised.

I did with the difference that I completed the signing. I ended up calling the lender and that’s how I finally got paid