Shady signing assignment with, aka BK Rosedale LLC, aka BX Rosedale LLC

I got a call just in time for the Memorial Day weekend to conduct a signing. This call came in from a Mr. Allen Glover at Just as a matter of practice I asked him how he heard of me. He said he found me on Notary Rotary. It sounded like a straightforward signing. Then things started to get a bit weird from there.

Instructions was to go through his “point person” (the grandmother) to get to the signer, who happened to live with her. The documents had a lot of missing pages, and blank spaces. The Deed of Transfer indicated “See Schedule “A” Attached”. There’s no Schedule A. (Red flags). The narrative was that the signer’s grandfather died, left her as “sole heir” and she just want to get rid of the house. The house is not under foreclosure, but she has to sign a blank Hardship Letter to get the house transferred to the agent (without title), so he could sell it. Too many red flags here.

The story is longer but in short, after checking to see if the company name in the email he sent was in any of the documents (it wasn’t) and checking to see if he is registered as a real estate agent in NYS (he’s not) I decided to return the package along with his fake check.

I checked with the NNA and found that it’s highly unusual to get a request to notarize a short sale package. Glad I went with my gut instincts and sent it back.

Signing Agents – Be careful out there


Great catch! Always trust the gut!

There is a lot of these types of scams going around to steal property from people like this… glad you went with your gut feelings

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Impressive. You should of sent this to a detective or law enforcement in that area, for a look see.

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Thank you for sharing this!!! WoW