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I did a signing for this company, and I received the weirdest response as soon as I sent in the paperwork. They asked me to resend a document because my stamp was to close to a word on the document. When I resent it, they told me that the title company wouldn’t pay for the fed ex label. They never told me they would charge me. 30 days later, I received payment with 40% deducted from my check. When I called them, they said I had made a mistake and that I would have to get deducted from my pay. I told them this sounded like an excuse to not pay me the full pay. Which it was being that your charging for a label and stating your deducting for a mistake??? I had two people call me with no resolution, and at the end Krysten called me to ask if I had questions, which I stated I only want my full pay. She proceeded to scream at me and tell me that I was confused, and when she wouldn’t stop talking over me, I stated to her that this conversation was pointless, ( which it was, unless you were going to pay me) she refused to send me the email that supposedly had the request of a new stamped document by the title company ( because it doesn’t exist). I have never dealt with such an unprofessional staff member. I am reporting them to the BBB NNA and different Notary Forums. This is a poor excuse for a business. I contracted for a certain pay and they made up two excuses not to pay me. I will never work for them.

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Shasta is Premier (I believe it is) and is Jennifer Glover

Take it from there

Update: Correction - Shasta is Prestige is Jennifer Glover; also possible another company name, Notaries in Action.


This situation is unacceptable and their position is untenable. It’s unfortunate they chose to take this action. Sorry it happened to you, pecanpie.

As inferred by LindaH-FL, further action is needed & would be appropriate. Best wishes in your pursuit of Payment in Full for the professional services you provided to your client.

Thank you for sharing as it alerts us all to the potential harm. :tulip::sparkles:

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Thanks for sharing! I’ve been avoiding Jennifer’s business, Notary Dash and… Prestige I think? But I didn’t know just how far the web reached. She’s been busy it seems. Also, how does it make sense to take 40% for a label? That’s one expensive label.

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She runs Notary Dash, Oh my Gosh! That explains it…They always send me low-ball offers. I tried to find Shasta online, and no luck. No wonder when I stated I would complain to BBB, they didn’t really care.

Shasta Signings is in Shasta County California owned by Mark Stilwell and run by him and his wife Krystin.
I do a ton of work for them.


OMGoodness, this is horrible! I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with them.

Shasta Signings is in Shasta County California owned by Mark Stilwell and run by him and his wife Krysten.

I do a ton of work for them. They pay fair. They pay on time. And I’ve never had any issues with them.
They are indeed sticklers for having ever “I” dotted and every “T” crossed. And they’ll call you on those if they aren’t. BUT… Once you fix it you’re good. They have trained my to pay closer attention to ALL of my doc packages.

I will say that I have the benefit of living 5 miles from the Title Co they mostly work through, so I don’t ever have to mail my docs … So, I don’t know know how I would’ve been treated if I had to.

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My apologies - I stand corrected; I was passing on info I’d read elsewhere


I thought might be the issue. Many of these businesses with similar names are at risk of mud-slinging due to another business being crap.

I’m glad you had a good experience but I don’t ever agree with cutting anyone’s pay, especially after the job has been completed successfully (Their words). A week after, I get word to redo- a document, they themselves approved. They may have been paid less for the job, but after reviewing my form they should have seen how well I completed the work. As a company, they should have taken the loss (if indeed there was one), kept their reputation, and not worked with that title company, and paid me (The Notary who did a good job) in full. Sometimes we have to make certain business decisions, and in my opinion, they failed here.
Thousands of Notary’s will review their business practices and wonder if Shasta will also cut their pay for things that are not wrong in their part.

Attached is the picture of the document they said was stamped on contract lettering. Which I also sent to them, they agreed it wasn’t
, but said title wanted it done over. So it had to be done over.

This is why I was upset. 40% pay cut for no good reason.

You can clearly see the whole stamp. No over stamping.

Oh I get it and completely agree with you! It sucks. I’ve had other services do that to me and get responses that various notaries think the service is great. Was it Placer Title?

Hello when do they send out payments?

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Typically 30 days.
I love working with them. I feel that because Mark works hard to make sure we have everything in order, it has helped to make me a better Signing Agent. He always answers his phone if I call with a question, and he always answers my questions with respect. It always saddens me when I hear someone mad because I’ve always had such a good experience with them!

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Thank you. I have no complaints about them. The lady I spoke with there was professional and kind. I was able to do a signing with them from signing order last month.

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