Should I use paid listing on 123Notary site?

I am new Mobile Notary with 3 months experience, I got some experience with closing/signing assignments.

Right now I am dependent on Snapdocs only for signing work, so i want to take your advice on should I list my name with paid subscription on ? to get more work , is it worth ?

Please advise… thank you in advance.

I only pay memberships to National Notary Association, Notary Café and Notary Rotary. Don’t know how 123NOTARY operates.

Do you get work from the listings you pay for?

I have gotten some assignments, but my main purpose is to learn from their bulletins and forums. Those platforms that some notaries pay for to get just assignments, same people always complain that they hardly get any. National Notary Association is a must because title companies and signing services always look at your record or profile via them. Notary Rotary is the second source of public profile for notaries, plus its forums are great, same as Notary Cafe. Is up to you to decide what you need more.
Almost forget, there are other platforms and signing services where you don’t pay… Amrock, XOME, Signature Closers, FieldChoice… just to mention a few

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Don’t pay anyone to hopefully get assignments. They will promise you all this work and you get full payment. That’s hogwash! I did it once with a company, and soon as I sent my money, I got nothing! They refunded my money thankfully.
I only pay for a membership with NNA. I get enough work thru SnapDocs and direct phone calls and emails from other SS services.


It depends on where your located. Search the directory and see how many other SA are in your area. I’m in SoCal so very busy in my area and I paid for a listing so that I could be moved up to the top. Made my money back within one month with just 2.5 signings. I’ve gotten several signings from that site and was happy to pay again last month.

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What is SoCal??? I’ve seen it before, on other for… and what directory is it that you paid for? and got your money’s worth

Southern California (SoCal) and it’s 123notary

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I will say that in the years I listed with 123, I got my best title company clients…moreso than here or Notary Rotary. (apologies to Notary Cafe but that’s the truth). However, I would not rely on their bulletins and forums - forums are probably way outdated and the bulletins are seriously off the wall. Remember, the owner isn’t even a notary any more - which makes me question his qualifications to “quiz” notaries in order to stay on their site.



thank you all for your input and sharing experience, in new year I will consider pay list.

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Where did you pay for listing? I’m in SoCal and SS I’m with are slow.

I have been on since 2009. You pay for position on the site. It is probably the most used site for people looking to find a notary. Bear in mind that, unless it’s busy, most title and signing companies don’t usually have to go more than 5-7 notaries down the list to find an experienced Notary Signing Agent for real estate assignments. Some people think its too expensive but you will cover the fees within the first 5 closings that you do

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Are you still paying for a listing on 123Notary? I have been paying for a higher listings the last few years… My listing needs to be renewed, but I am concerned that when I go to their website, I am informed that it isn’t secure. Every years it has been worth the cost of the upgraded membership, but if a title company goes to their website and finds that it isn’t secure, I doubt they will go any further. What has your experience been?

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There’s your answer right there…JMO

My experience there in the past = not to be discussed here as they are a competitor, so out of respect to Admin, will refrain.

I never used any paid service by any body

There are so many free signing portals you can sign up with. I have never used paid ones but I have gotten some good business with the free sites. My favorites are Loan Closers and ZigSig.

Have you gotten signings recently from these 2 companies?