Shutting down Website

Hello All,
One of the many ways of putting & Michael D Tomlinson is to do it by shutting down the website and also the individual person. While action against the individual is underway, I am also initiating action to shutdown the website for good.

  1. Complaint to Domain register :
    I am asking your help in writing email to
" Hi
I wish to report that the following website is engaged in illegal activity of hiring notaries country wide and then NOT PAYING them for work done.
I am owed $ ___ Plus interest since 20__.
You will be hearing from notaries country wide.
Please shut down this website as I am also complaining to FBI.
Using Website to engage in interstate fraud and cheating.

Yours Truly

Thank you for this information. I’ve signed up for some notary registries, but not this one. THANK GOODNESS, not this one.

Thanks for everything. I just sent my email to godaddy.
What else are you doing that I can add my name to the list?

thanks for the information. I sent an email today.