Side Gig-Field Service Inspections

I just started doing Commercial Field Inspections and I wanted share. If you aren’t getting enough signings, try applying for Inspection companies. They are listed on, try searching “Field Inspector” for your area. I do commercial inspections, not residential. The commercial are more money. So like notary work, the jobs come up, and I can accept which I want in my area. I get to set the time and date. So you can schedule the date and time around your notary work. Its worth checking out. I’m there for less than an hour, and jobs range from $70-350 dollars per.


If you like that work you may want to check out Society of Field Inspectors (SOFI) website…

Best of luck…nice tip!


I read about that just last week. What kind of experience do you have or is needed?

No experience here - I heard of them back when I first started out. Didn’t care to pursue field inspection work - judging from the posts I saw back then about work required vs compensation, I decided it wasn’t for me.

I’ve been doing vehicle inspections and have turned down residential inspections because they pay low. I would love to do Commercial inspections but I can’t seem to find the right company out here in Yuma AZ

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Do you have to take the work they give you? - or is it like SS where you accept/decline? Also, can you negotiate fees? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Mandy, yes you can say yes or no to the job. Ive negotiated yes. But most of the work is in big cities…i live in Modesto, CA , small town and most of the jobs are in San Francisco and Sacramento, which is an hour away. I will go to big cities for 4 hours and nd do about 5 inspections because you get to schedule them on the day/time. They will just have a due date but you schedule them. I found these conpanies on Indeed. Job search. They post as contract 1099. So avoid those that say “full time” . Those aren’t 1099


Try H&S Loss Control. They have work in Arizona. Try to google H&S Loss Control, should come up. They pay decent.


Thank you I will look into that.

I signed up with a few companies that hire field inspectors. One of them was giving me quite a bit of work. It was mostly going to used car lots, checking VINs and taking pix of the vehicles. However, in this Texas heat (115 F some days), I had to quit. I haven’t gotten any residential work. :roll_eyes:

I do field inspections through a couple of different companies. You just have to look out in the agreement for non compete clauses. Some companies don’t let you work for other FI companies.