Sign the Petition Need increased Fees in Texas we are at the bottom of the Fee chart!


I’m in Ohio and when they changed the requirements to become a notary to include a $130 class they raised the max fee from $2.50 to $5.00 per notarization. It’s not just Texas.
However, I do enjoy the work. I just can’t afford to rely on it solely.

I get paid by the job. I do a lot of signings for Bancserv, and they are great to work with. Sometimes they will ask my fee and I ask what type of refi, how many pages, etc. I charge more if the distance is further. We don’t have a lot of signing agents here though.

Your Petition is addressed to the wrong people - U.S Dept of State? U.S. Supreme Court? Governors?? They have nothing to do with it - yet.

Write to your state legislators - that’s where you’ll get your action.

Also, join the FB page for TX notaries and see if you can get some support there - the one run by Brenda Stone.

Good Luck