Signature closers experience last night

Horrible experience last night. The called me to complete two urgent closings so I agreed to take them even though they were 45 min drive each way opposite directions. Had two other urgent ones as well from another company. First at 4 then 6, third 7:30-8 and final 9:30. Waited on docs for 6 until 4:30. No docs so left. After several communications. Late to first signing of course they were nice about it. Crazy times right? Docs still not there at 5:30 so rearranged the 9:30 to 6:30 and went there then to 8 pm which is over 1 hour 15 min from original 6 pm appt. received docs around 6:15-6:30 pm. Kept in contact with lending officer (yes they called me) and borrower entire evening. Explained how late it would be. Ran home 9 pm printed docs ready to leave got a call stating the husband was falling asleep. He was livid. I could hear him in the background yelling at the wife. They cancelled. Signature closers cancelled the order. So I get $0. I am really mad as I was late to three signings and was willing and able to sign just so they could do The signing. No other notary was available last night. I was being flexible and could have cancelled since docs came after the signing time and I was not able to sit there and wait and go to that appointment only due to other urgent last minute appointments as well. Stressed me out completely. Today they borrowers want to know if I can come today

You printed–so at least that fee is due you. As docs weren’t even available 1 1/2 hrs. prior to appt., they need to man up & pay you. As the signer sounds like a real jerk, not sure I’d accept the new Appt.

Was willing to at same fee as yesterday and forget it. Soooe to borrower and signature closers Three times today Just got the email to all notaries. Disrespectful to me. Not one cent and not getting back to me to state yes I can use the same docs or allowing me the signing. Makes me so mad

The docs came after signing time. Go figure. Still was willing to do it. At 9:30-10 pm at night with a 45 min drive. Just so borrowers could have it close it time. I got $0.