Signature Closers, LLC?

Has anyone heard of Signature Closers, LLC? if so, do they have a satisfactory service Thank you


I have worked with them and they are a nice company to work for. Quick on the pay too.


Good company - pays timely and have always treated me well. Easy to contact with questions. I like them very much.

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I’ve worked with Signature Closers since 2012 and continue to this day. They are by one of the best co I’ve worked with thus far. They pay every month on the 5th depending on when the 5th falls on you may get paid sooner through EFT if you sign up. Love working with them However , they’ve lowered their fees, still acceptable though


Signature is on of the best. Very professional.

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I’ve done some work for them. They are good from the signings I have done for them.

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How do they pay for a loan signing?

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Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Anywhere from $90 to 120 per signing.

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So sorry! Editing this post because I realized it’s Signing Stream that has given me such problems! Shouldn’t get so angry! Keeps me from thinking straight. Maybe this is a different company than I’ve been working for the last couple of months. When I checked on payment after a couple of months I was told that they pay in 60 to 90 days. I had to make 2 trips to one client & was told he would put in for extra fees. Now, over 60 days later, I’m told that there is nothing in the file about that & it’s too late to do anything about that. Don’t think I’m working for these people anymore. Other companies pay more & quicker. And I’ve never been shorted by others like I have Signature Closures!

Love working for this company, never had a problem with pay and they use direct deposit which is great.

Signing Stream and Signature Closers are total different company. Signing Stream is notorious for ripping Notaries off.

Signature Closers is a great company! Mark Flemming is the owner and he refuses to work with title companies who do not maintain high standards with regard to the treatment of the NSAs and payment offered to them. I am very proud that they have a full page ad on their website for Notary2Pro which I do not pay for! They automatically put our graduates at the top of their hiring list and they state so on their website.


Hi Carol, so are you saying That only the N2P grads are at the top of the list, and the rest of us who are not have a slim to no chance of getting assignments from Sig.Closures.? I’m sure I read that wrong!!

Hi, slcaldwell, you are right, that is not what I was saying at all. Signature Closers is a really great company who appreciates and values NSAs that know what they are doing and provide great customer service. Because of the way we train notaries to become Professional Notary Signing Agents they know that our graduates, even without any experience, excel in quality performance, customer service and communication. They have placed a full page ad on their website (which I do not pay for), because they would like to see all of the new people they hire take our course. Here is a direct quote from that page:

" Looking for notary signing agent training?

Want to receive signing requests before other Signature Closers Network members?

Great! We thought you’d be interested.*

We have partnered with Notary2Pro to offer members of the Signature Closers Network something special on Notary2Pro’s Online Professional Signing Agent Course. Upon registration you will be provided four month’s access to their Basic, Advanced and Reverse Mortgage Courses. At no charge to you when you mention Signature Closers, you will receive 6 months of mentoring for free, a value of $50.00.
Study at your own pace. Learn from videos, document reviews, and additional resources. To be Notary2Pro certified, you must complete their 60 question exam with a score of 90% or higher. (Don’t worry. You have the opportunity to retake the exam.)

Great company, professional reps, timely direct deposits on the 5th of each month for all signings completed 1st through 30th or 31st of prior month. Company President Mark Fleming very approachable with good sense of humor! They and one other company I consistently work with are my number one favorite companies to work with!

They are one of my favorite companies to work for and love the direct deposit option too.

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Great company to work for pay on time

They are great! Easy to work with and communicate with, friendly, helpful and fair in negotiating fees.

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I FINALLY completed a signing with them after 3 months of receiving notifications only to find out it had been assigned to someone else. I hope I can accept more signings from them in the near future.