Signature Closers, LLC

Has anyone actually received a successful signing assignment from this company? I get the notification and answer in 5 seconds and they’re always, always, always gone. How could that happen so quickly? Wondering if SC is picking a NSA and sending out the blasts anyway. So frustrating.


Had the same issue this past few weeks. So I phoned Signature and was told that due to the business slow down, signing agents have been much faster to respond. I do agree with them. Believe me, 5 seconds is too long to respond. Try it in 3 seconds to get a better jump on it.

Signature has been a wonderful producer for me and I can only give them the highest rating.

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Yes I have just recently. I’ve experienced both situations though. If you’re not in a primary market for any signing service, it could be tough to get business due to lack of supply (actual signings) and a surplus of demand (so many agents)

I don’t know how anyone could actually accept an offer within 5 seconds. I mean I actually have to check my schedule before responding but I do believe that some notaries will blindly accept first and check later. I don’t want to be the notary that is assigned and then asks to opt out due to confliction. I also believe that some of these offers may go out to a certain group first and then subsequently to the rest meaning a “preferred” notary received it and accepted it prior to you even seeing it. They don’t admit to it but I believe it to be true because there is no way that people are accepting these immediately prior to someone like yourself that loses it after 5 seconds.


When I spoke to someone at Signature, that is exactly the reason I was given. The assignments go to their “preferred” notaries since they’re slow. I received my 1st alert yesterday that I could’ve accepted but I had another appointment for the same time. Hopefully, we can start receiving orders soon.

That’s a terrible business model. If “preferred” notaries have already accepted the assignment, there’s no need to send the assignment request to anyone else at that point. It’s simply discouraging.


I really like working with them. They respond fast to inquires and always pay fast. Business is slow. I have an issue where if I am not checking my phone I don’t always see the signing and my phone does not make a noise for notification for that application.

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If the notary doesn’t have anything on their schedule, there is no need to check anything before accepting.

You are correct about a “preferred” group of notaries receiving the offer and someone accepting it before you ever see it. That’s not something they try to hide either. It’s openly admitted by the owner of SC, Mark Fleming. The way to beat that situation is to get into the preferred group yourself. After you have done 10 error free signings for Signature Closers, you move up a tier on their priority list and the number of offers you receive will jump significantly.


I haven’t received any assignments from SC because I cannot answer in less than 5 seconds and I am not on the preferred list. How does one get on the preferred list if one cannot obtain the 10 signings quota?

I personally have done WAY MORE than 10 error free signings but more often than not I cannot accept quick enough but I have to always check schedule first or not be driving, so it may take me a minute or two to accept.

I responded many times within seconds and always already too late. I have only gotten through once when it says that my response will be submitted to them. But, even with my immedaite response I never gotten the assignments.
I guess I will keep on trying

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I have always had good luck with this company…

Its a sad day when these blasts go out to the NSA with the quickest finger or phone! No longer the best NSA just the quickest. I also believe that if you have lower fees then you will get more offers. SC used to be one of my better SS, not anymore. Im not quick enough either.


I always get offers for $30 from this company which i simply refuse to accept. I know there are a lot of notaries who will do a signing for this but not I said the cat.


I agree there must be preferred notaries that get requests first………

I signed up with them then about a month later got a welcome email saying account activated then started getting offers, always missed them because they went to email but today I actually got assigned two back to back.

Does somebody knows how to get a hold with them? I submitted all my documents but I can’t get a hold of anybody. I always have to leave a voice message. Tia

Josaury79 I’ve always been successful emailing They always respond. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for your help. I will try with a direct email now. :wink:

I too respond as fast as can and it’s already taken. Super fast. I’ve only had one signing for them and maybe because it was a Friday night and no one else wanted it. They seem like a real nice company and I was hopeful after that but nothing since. Maybe they should just call their preferred notary before sending out a mass email. Just a thought.