Signature Closers Not Responding

Hello All…I’ve been trying to reach Signature Closers for a while. I assume they were closed during the holidays yet today is 1/3/22 and I still can’t get a response. I had a few questions concerning my background check. I renewed and attached it to the email address they supplied. For days I didn’t receive a response which was concerning. I reached out to them but of course had to leave a voicemail. I wanted to make sure they received it and everything was ok…Now, I’ve stopped receiving notifications from them. I assumed they stopped during the holidays because they were not working. So far today, I still haven’t received any. Can anyone shed any light on this situation?

Mr. Mark

Yes Mr Mark, your going to start seeing this as a common practice as you gain more experience in this field.

Common Practice?? Hmmm, I See. Well, thank you for the “warning”. LOL

A lot of companies are considering today a holiday and are still closed. If you’re not getting any notifications today, that could certainly be why.

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They have sent out 3 requests in my area so far today.My issue is they are gone as soon as it’s sent out… I mean like within seconds :woman_facepalming:t5:

Yup, it’s such an efficient way to do business isn’t it?

I was in your shoes before Christmas. I couldn’t get through, etc. It was few days before I received an email and apology. The man said he was going as fast as he could updating profiles. I believe he is the only person responsible for the credentials. And you just remined me to check to see if my new insurance policy was update. I haven’t received any notices from them in a few days either.

That’s a releif for me