Signature cLOSERS Suck

I have completed probably 60 closings for Signature cLOSERS since March. They have made it a practice to not get the docs to me in a timely fashion. I understand that they are sometimes at the mercy of the title company (VantagePoint is the worst)… but don’t you think that it is strange that they never answer a phone call from a notary? All notary calls are left in voicemail and they they are returned (or not) at their leisure… I have never had a call returned but I have been sent emails replying to my voicemail… THAT IS NOT HELPFUL in many cases. If they are taking a chunk of the fee for being the front men to the title company, they should at least answer the phone… They have always paid on time and you really can negotiate with them… but be aware that they rarely get docs to you on time and they will not talk to you on the phone to help resolve issues. SO in my book they suck…


Come on hosamiam, really? That’s kind of harsh in my opinion. By your own admission, they have given you 60 closings over 8 months, let’s call it 7.5 closing per month. Let’s say you only made $100 per (I’m hoping you did better though) X 7.5= $750 per month X 8 months= $6,000. Granted you made no complains about the fee you receive or the amount of business they give you. You even said, they paid you on time and they are willing to negotiate fees with you…but you’re mad that they send you to voicemail, they say in your book they suck. (SMH) Come on man, that’s not really justifiable in my book. IJS.


I’m happy with them, they deposit good amount of money every 5th… no complaints on my part. To be honest I’m surprised by your comment, most people are happy to get assignments from them.


I’ve been very happy with Signature Closers. They usually answer emails faster than many others and I usually have a way to contact Title directly if talking to someone NOW is necessary. They have been very good to me, lots of closings with good fees. They and Amrock are my favorites. Notarygo and Snapdocs have been very good to me lately, too.


I agree. I wish Title companies knew I got $130 and the Signing Company charged them $300 – (i can see it on the ALTA settlement statement)… And most of these companies never answer their phones…


Let look at it this way – there are at least 5 other companies i can think of that are really bad. Signature Closers are on the “Good” side.


Signature Closers is one of my top accounts, provide me with a good number of closings every month, plus dozens more opportunties I have to turn away because of any number of reasons. Late docs? Sometimes, yes, but certainly not enough that my opinion of them would change. As busy as notaries around the country are with work being pushed by low interest rates, imagine for a moment how busy Signature is. Cut them some slack–or don’t take their work any longer.


If you don’t like Signature Closers there are plenty others out there to work with. As you said and we all know it is NOT the SS fault you get the docs at the last minute.

I have divorced myself from the companies that cause me stress and I’m not starving!

Use your energy to find a better match. That is the beauty of this industry, we can pick and choose!

Oh, and think about what you just did! You through them under the bus and told a lot of people. If someone at Signature sees what you wrote, you probably won’t need to worry about working for them in the future!

There are plenty of other signing agents that will be happy to do your job!


I agree that they tend to not be all together. I get an assignment and no docs… I call client and let them know no docs… then client says someone else (another notary is there with the docs!@) How unprofessional and unorganized and sooo often they don’t have docs. Why schedule if you don’t have docs… wait until you have docs… it’s ridiculous


I am definitely a signature closers baby😀