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Am a Calif. Notary, and this loan package will be recorded in Calif. Have been presented a document titled: Signature Name Affidavit. I have seen and processed this before, but on this one, at the bottom of the page, below where the customer signs, but directly before the Notary Act, which is on the next page, someone has added the statement :
" I also certify that John Smith is John James Smith…etc.

I don’t think that’s legal in California. Can you help?


Signature Affidavit is a document in which a person certifies that the signature provided is the true and correct signature. Name Affidavit is a document in which a person certifies all the names that have been used by the person
Sometimes the two documents are combined into one.
Click on the link for more info regarding this DOC hope it helps.

This document causes a lot of trouble for both the signers and the notary public. You are correct about the certification language on the form where it precedes the notary section. The certification is implicit in the document and does not represent the certification by the notary but rather by the signer himself. There is no standard format for this document and some lenders want all of the aliases signed exactly as they appear and others will allow the signer to state that they have never used the name shown in lieu of them signing it that way. The objection I hear most often from signers is that signing a name other than the way they normally sign is an invalid signature and they have a problem signing a name that is not their own. There are lenders who insist that the signers sign the aliases as shown and I have had that issue come up more than once. I wish they would use the form where they only sign their name once and make a statement that they have referred to by additional aliases and then list the names without having the borrower sign each alias.


I have a question regarding this Signature Affidavit… in the section where I have to notarize, it asks for my Signature and then below it is states… Notary Public for ____________. What goes there? Please I need to know this evening. Thanks.

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I am looking for the same answer… What goes in for?

I, personally, would put “State of Florida”

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Thank you. I was thinking that was the only logical wording was the state I am commissioned in. I appreciate your answer. :slight_smile:

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