Signature on State DL different than printed name

Has this happened to anyone else? I recently did a signing and the State issued driver license was printed one way of spelling, the person signed the state issued a different way. For example my name can be spelled with an ‘e’ or an ‘a’. Her Social Security was done the same way as well. I contacted the platform who contacted the lender and title. All said to proceed with the signing. The docs were spelled how she spells her name not the way her BC, SSN or DL states. I find it odd that no government agency has caught that she signs her name different than the printed name. Thoughts? Did that make her license invalid?

I encountered a signer who signed his name, then flipped the paper and signed it again on top of his initial signature. Interestingly, this man matched the description on his ID. The main idea is that this was indeed his signature. Most of you reading this are LSA’s working for a title company or a third-party notary vendor. You meet clients who have been thoroughly scrutinized by a lending institution before you arrive to collect signatures. Perhaps you are overanalyzing this situation?

Yes I understand they were approved and scrutinized by the lender. I just thought it odd no government agency caught that the signature did not match what was typed out by the state and federal agencies.

Be certain to record you notes in your journal including who you talked to, what they said, date and time of the conversation.

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I agree with Riverpoint. That info goes into your sequensal journal. What! No journal? I often wonder how you guys (those that are not required to journal) sleep at night. Reminds me of when I taught notary classes. Not the kind of class that ends with a list of 400 signings services to so they can add you to their list of low ballers. No I taught a short course on why and how the state notary laws are there to protect us from the public.

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I haven’t accepted a refi or purchase in several years.

However, I remember the loan packages included a Same Name Affidavit.

Did the lenders forego utilizing this document?

Some people’s signature is completely illegible. Other people list the name that can be supported by legal documents like birth certificates in the printed part of the driver license but sign with just initials (J. D. Doe) or with a nick name (Jack Doe). Because of this variety, I wouldn’t expect the DMV to even try to see if the signature agrees with the printed name.

If a person allows a spelling difference between the printed name in ID and the document, like Gerald vs. Gerard, that’s suspicious to me. I’m not performing a notarization.


There was not the Same Name Affidavit, had there been that would have been great.

Yes this was from a platform. I have all the correspondence from the platform stating lender and title were ok with proceeding. I downloaded and saved into a file for later reference if needed. I also made notes in my notary book and signing agent log.

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