Signing Agencies-California

Hello, Who are your favorites? Who provides you with business? Thank you in advance.

We are all self employed independent contractors. You are requesting confidential information.


Bancserv on both counts. I have a couple of other favorites but, since business has been down the last coupla years…they’ve really been too slow to mention.

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You need to build your own business, no one is going to give you their book (client list), no matter what state your in.

I suggest this site and


Thank you, I wasn’t asking for your client list or for you to build my business.

Thank you, I wasn’t requesting any confidential information.

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I get a lot of business from Coast2Coast Signings INC. I have had no issues with them. I generally don’t have to call with questions either.

@nlynnhefner Excellent question! :partying_face: By any chance did you Search the immediately available information found within the Notary Cafe database on this topic?

This information is a GOLDMINE!

Most members express that they find it difficult/NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to locate the Search Function in order to access the wealth of information available within the database.

To be helpful, I’ve inserted an image for you & others [see below] to help members locate it to unlock the wisdom & knowledge of other members on the forums.

I’ve performed a cursory Search on your behalf and the results show 45 separate threads (in addition to yours) about this particular topic. There is a plethora of data immediately available on the threads within Notary Cafe. :sparkles::tulip:


Accessing the database to locate information about potential clients has saved many of us an inordinate amount of time ‘chasing’ payments for Services professionally provided to potential non-payers . . . :crown:


Thank you, this is very helpful. I appreciate you.

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