Signing Agencies

Well it’s been awhile since I stopped by the Cafe. Have been putting a few signings under my belt. So far every signing has been a good experience with the signer, who I find to be great people. I am finding though that signing agencies are a little rough around the edges but still they are giving me business. Until today. I didn’t actually sign on with this group but they texted tonight and said that had a quick signing so I took the job. All of a sudden I started receiving emails with sign this, sign that and we need these credentials. I called and said I don’t have time to register and do a signing with a 40 min drive needed in the next hour and a half. So the sent the docs. One notarization 19 pages simple. Made the signing finished. Scanned sent docs then started to send all the info the had requested. Then I printed the contract agreement. An when I read I was appalled!! I mean I don’t object with rules and regulation that are for the benefit of our industry. But, I am not for signing away all my rights to a company that wants me to be subject to the laws of the State of California. I live in Oklahoma. Nuff Said. No Go for you guess.