Signing Agency

Does anyone know what company pays same-day as services are rendered? I have two that I am signed up with but they pay 30 days after an assignment.

I’ve never heard of one unless you work directly for a title company. Most signing agencies are going to pay you net 30, net 60, or net 90 days meaning you have to work first and get paid 30 days after, 60 days after, or 90 days after Services are rendered.


Thank you so much. That was very helpful.

Hi No ma’am unless you do GNW! SO think of it this way you are a new business and you extend credit to these unheard of Companies, hopefully after 30 days you won’t have to chase your payment!!

If the signer happens to stumble upon your website and makes the payment right then and there, you’ll still need to exercise patience until the loan is finalized and the payment is processed. But if you’ve been contracted by a signing agency, brace yourself for a potentially lengthy wait of a month or even more.

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