Signing Agent ASAP?

Agents coming in and taking low ball pricing causes problem in the industry.

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As of today, 1/25/18, the cost to “join” the listing is $60. That’s up from December 17, so how much would they be making a year now?

I made the mistake of paying to join them too. Never saw a single signing. I think its just a scam and they have no intension of sending assignments out. I keep getting the emails too but now I just delete them.

I was a broker for 30 years I retired in 2010 and I sign up to be a mobile signer in 2015 I spent the time marketing 2 days every week I signed up with a lot of companies after I did background search on them, I did pay to join a signing Company and of course 3 years later I’ve never received one signing, so there is only certain people I will pay to sign with for information sources only, but I would advise anyone at this point don’t pay to join anyone there’s too many good companies out there that didn’t cost anything to join I sign up with bancserv back in August 2017 and I just received my first signing with them this week and I’m noticing I’m getting a lot of calls from company that I signed up with 6 months ago so I guess it takes time you have to invest, I avg. 28 to 35 signings a mo. Most of them fast pay, weekly, 1st and 15 th. Now I’m looking for companies that pay well and fast at lease $150.00 I do get paid that but I have to wait 30 days, I don’t like that.

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I won’t pay a company to do their notary signings, ever never.

They can’t even help you get paid from companies that don’t pay you. They only offer a dispute sample letter that you can fill out and do everything yourself.

Hello Janice, give me acall.

I saw your request for help in the notary world on the NOTARYASAP reviews and I just did not like the way that lady

spoke to you about how no one is going to help you and to seek help from the NNA since you paid for their certification.

If you still need help, call me. otherwise, please post this to her to let her know there are decent people who care to help in

this world.

Thank you!

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I would love 28 or more signings a month. What’s your secret?

Please call me
I am very interested in your marketing or whatever brings in over 28 signings a month.
However, I do not take signings for less than $100 (if that were the case, I would have at least 50 signings).
(562) 335-1170

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Send them to collections this is your business

I’m glad to hear this because there are a couple of local Michigan companies that are charging to the tune of $400 which I find a bit strange. I finally responded that I’m looking to make money not spend more than what I have to. All that the $400 does is allow you access to their listing and the training that we’ve all already been through.

I signed up with them last year. I got the same ad and paid the 36.00. I have not heard from them since nor have I gotten any work from them. I think I got, got. It seems to be a scam.

Many comments for this co lol, I need to say I also received an email from them haven’t subscribed because the most signings I get are coming from NNA Directory.
For those people asking for their information, telephone number here is:

1499 W Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton FL 33486

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Signing Agent ASAP is sending out text messages for NSA’s to subscribe to them. I replied STOP, to no longer get the texts

I got and did the same. Did you notice it came across without a phone number? Total scam.

Hi Gary,
I am a new signing agent can you suggest signing companies that do not charge to register with them please? your help would be truly appreciated. Lusynthia

They are a scam, I would never.

Signing Agents ASAP = SCAM!!!