Signing Agent Training Courses

I am a new notary public looking to become a loan signing agent. I took one loan signing course at Los Angeles Pierce College but feel I need more to be comfortable. I am looking at Notary2Pro by Carol Ray vs. Loan Signing System by Mark Wills. What are the pros and cons of each? What does each provide in terms of helping you market your services,

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

PFogel out of Southern California

Before you spend any money, PLEASE do a lot of research about the demand, competition, in your area so you go into this with eyes wide open. Have no experience with either course you mentioned, but both have their advocates. However, you have already taken one course and this IS a job where you can earn while you learn.

We were all new once. The most comprehensive learning experience is to READ the forums…and that’s free for the doing. More important is to figure out what fee is profitable for every city, county, zip you are willing to serve before you find yourself working at little or no profit. Never, ever put yourself in the bargain bin.

Thank you for your valuable comments. I will certainly do more research and planning before I jump into another training course for work I can do on my own.

How do you figure out what the going rate is in your area? I’ve got 2 signing requests so far from Snapdocs and I turned down both because it was an hour drive from my location. One job was offering $100 and I believe the other was offering $125. It didn’t seem worth 2 hours of driving and an hour for the appointment. Snapdocs gives you the option to explain why you’re turning down the assignment so how do I figure out when I should select that the pay is too low? Any advice would be appreciated.

Car expenses plus your profitable $/hr. added to your base fee for the job.

I took Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro after having already done over 200 Signings and being a real estate broker/realtor for 23 years previously. I was 100% pleased with the course, and a couple of things I learned have already made my job easier and more lucrative. She also gives wonderful service after you have graduated, and I’ve called her a few times for help. I agree with Arichter in all she said - all good advice. Just wanted to give Carol Ray a 5 star review.