Signing Agents ASAP?

Hi, has anyone had experience with Signing Agents ASAP?
Thank You!!

Pass on this one…emails coming in regularly for their referral service. 35 dollars per year fee. They claim to refer members directly to title companies for jobs paying up to $200 per order. I would love to hear from anyone who has paid the fee and received these type of orders. I don’t expect to find too many who have. If you hear of any one getting orders from them, let us know!

I think they maybe a scam. I paid the 35 dollars and have never received an appointment. I have tried to contact them and nothing so far.

I’m in Pa. I done a closing for them in 11/16 paid within 30 days.

that is the only time I have done work for them


Well I think it depends on your area to start with. they claim to have closing in your area but maybe not so much. I don’t pay anyone and if I want to be paid in 30-day I would do more with Snapdocs. 30-days is too long!

Did they at least pay what they promised?